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So, the Objective2 headphone amp - designed entirely around the measurements? (PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING)

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  1. deadlylover

    Somewhat critical in a direct coupled amp, but not so much in the O2 with it's caps left right and center. [​IMG]
    Ahahah I don't have any fancy measurement gear, but I'll be sure to do what I can when it's done. [​IMG]
  2. Focal1
    I think it sounds like a pretty tempting design, and for a similar price as a CMOY design, or some of the Fiio amps that have been pretty well reviewed I'll probably plan to make one once the boards are available.
  3. caracara08
    i also will get one of these built since i have no experience with DIY.  i was looking for an amp that i can just turn on and go with.  warming up tubes and how hot it gets in my room is not something i want all the time... just almost all the time.
  4. Anonanimal
    I will definitely be building one of these.
  5. dfkt
    Funny that this thread is in "sound science". It's where unwanted things go to die here usually, no? I thought a regular amp with inputs, outputs, and volume control would go in a less shunned section of the forums.
    Either way, I'm looking forward to building my own.
  6. sidel

    The designer is apparently not very welcomed here.  /not saying more
    It got moved!
  7. Currawong Contributor
  8. madtone11
    No conspiracy theories there. Pure (objective!) facts. [​IMG]
  9. Willakan
    The DIY forum is where I should have probably posted this initially. Let's not go over the top.
    Anyways, PCB and front-panel files should be released this week (Weds). Anyone planning on getting their own board made?
  10. FallenAngel Contributor
    Interesting design... are there really 2 channels of an opamp running in parallel for each of the 3 channels in the design, including ground?! That's a first. :p
    Cool regulated power supply design.
  11. nikongod


    There is no ground channel. 
    Jan meier did the paralleled opamp thing a long time ago with his 50W all opamp amp. the CHA-47 is also kind of similar. 
    I dont really see how this amp measures significantly better than a pimetaV2, so why do we need new? if the point of a measurements first amplifier is measurements first... shouldn't they come first?
  12. c61746961
    They came first.
  13. Satellite_6
    Can you build those for 30 bucks tho?
  14. nikongod

    Excluding the cost of the enclosure and not populating the ground channel? probably. 
  15. Satellite_6
    I should really get into DIY then!
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