1. kishorfarm

    Is the Audio GD NFB-11 (2014) a clear improvement over the EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC) driving an HE-500?

    Currently I use an HiFiman HE-500 driven by an EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC). The HE-500 is an awesome/crisp/highly detailed headphone but I would like to improve the amp/DAC part. My budget is not that big (max. 400€) but I don't mind buying second hand.   I've found the Audio GD NFB-11 to be an...
  2. chimmycham

    HD598s.. Magni2Uber vs Vali

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) > Audirvana Plus > Sennheiser HD-598 phones.   I'm deciding between: >Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber >Vali / Modi2 Uber >O2 / ODAC >Magni2 Uber / ODAC etc..   Which would pair best with my HD598s?   Right now the Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber seems like...
  3. tnastylax

    recommendations for first pair of headphones.

    ive been reading threads over different headphones but if im going to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones i figure i might as well try to get as much info as posible. I listen to a range of music so i guess an all around pair would be best- punk,indie,pink floyd,radiohead, phish kind of...
  4. bionicman

    Desktop Amp for IEM's

    After spending countless hours researching and a failed experiment with the Fiio E10K, I need some help . . . I'm looking for a desktop amp (or Amp/DAC) that can specifically handle IEM's, in particular the Klipsch S4 and Sony MDR-7550. I tried the Fiio E10K and it sounded muddy and didn't...
  5. thecrow

    Odac/O2 v modi2/magni2 uber. And odac/O2 separates v combo

    Hi Seeking some views with real life experience. It seems from my reading that there's not much difference at all between the new Schiit entry products (modi 2 uber and magni 2 uber) and the (Jdslabs) odac/O2 But wondering what your views might be so as to look at what way I should lean...
  6. Willakan

    So, the Objective2 headphone amp - designed entirely around the measurements? (PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING)

    Jude has kindly agreed to lift the ban on discussion of the works of banned members to allow discussion of the O2 headphone amp. However, please pay attention to the following before posting, otherwise this thread is likely to get locked:   1.This thread is about the amplifier, not NwAvGuy...
  7. KStreetSounds

    External DAC/AMP for PC with no installed drivers?

    Currently my only DAC/AMP is a Fiio X5. It works great on the go and as an external DAC/AMP for my PC at home. I have Beyer DT770 80-ohm.   Problem is at work...   I sometimes like to play Spotify Premium while I work during the day. There is no wifi in my office and I don't want to use cell...
  8. GiantAssPanda

    O2 + ODAC amp/dac combo optimal gain settings for Sennheiser HD598?

    Any recommendations regarding the best gain settings for Sennheiser HD598? The standard settings are 2.5x/6.5x. Are they good or should I use custom ones?   Thanks in advance!
  9. ematthews

    I guess I need help with my Beyer T1's

    I guess I am going to need a better source amp for my Beyerdynamic T1's.. Gear   Emotiva XPA-2 Emotiva UPA Emotiva ERC-2 Emotiva XDA-1   Marantz PM8004   I USE THIS MOST connect right to the headphone out. I have found it sounds better than my two headphone amps below.  ...
  10. Airwolf

    JDS O2 blew an op-amp (pic inside). Question regarding replacement.

    I got out of the shower and smelled the oh so familiar smell of burning electronics in my apartment.  After some blood hounding, I traced the smell to my JDS O2 headphone amp.  When I picked it up, it was hot to the touch.  I opened it up and found this:       I ordered some new NJM4556AD...
  11. PiteCZek

    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro + Odac and O2 amp?

    Hi! I just bought Odac and o2 amp combo and I began a search for new headphones to use with it within 200$ I was wondering, would DT990 pro sound great with that combo or will it be too bright? Are there any other headphones in this price range that can compete with DT990? Thanks! :)
  12. Nihalnoufel

    Schitt Vali and JDS lavs O2

    Hello,   Im looking for a new headphone amp around $150.   Im looking at schitt Vali and JDS labs O2   Which would be better for pairing with a sennhiser hd600 ?
  13. XIX47

    JDS Labs O2 amp

    This is the JDS Labs version of the popular O2 amp only. It has been used for a couple of months with less than or equal to 300 hours of use. I have made a recent upgrade to my audio system, so I am asking $95 shipped in the US for this item.  It includes the power cord, original instructions...
  14. Fungus

    JDS labs O2 or C5

    I know that the O2 is very large and is considered transportable than portable.    However I want to know if the O2 performs vastly better or just about the same but with more power than the C5 amp   And are either of the batteries user replaceable?    How long does the O2s battery last? 
  15. Fungus

    Is the JDS O2 comparable to the Triad Audio Lisa L3?

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison?    I previously owned a Portaphile 627 which was said to be comparable to the L3 but I didn't find it much better than my Fiio E11.  
  16. Poetic

    JDS Labs O2 Break in Period

    All the amps i own i assume have a break in period. But the JDS Labs O2 in particular was wondering if it actually requires a break in period. I think i read somewhere that it doesn't does anyone know for sure ? That would help me out Alot ^_^
  17. joms

    JDS O2 + ODAC with my AKG K550

    Some questions:   1) Would this be the best amp available for my K550 at the $300 price range?   2) Can you plug the O2+ODAC to the wall outlet indefinitely or do I need to remove the plug every xxx hours? (note: I do not plan to move the O2+ODAC. I plan to make it a permanent desktop...
  18. thecostanza

    Sennheiser Momentum and O2/ODAC Issue

    Hey everyone,   I recently got the momentums and like them a lot so far. My major issue is with the mic/control cord. I have seen others speak of degraded sq with it but my experience is specifically with using it with my JDS O2/ODAC hooked up to my computer.   When I plug in the phones to...
  19. Butthungrymonke

    Heat output: Schiit Stack vs O2/ODAC

    My PC runs 24/7 and even though I won't be pumping out music 24/7, my sound components won't be turned off.   Can anyone give me advice on which can handle 24/7 operation better? Schiit stack or O2/ODAC?   Thanks
  20. AlexZanderZee

    Quick Question about headphone amplification.

    This question probably has a simple answer, so here it goes. I purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 660 headphones for listening to classical music. I simply have them plugged directly into my PC, and this makes sense since their impedance is 32 ohms. The product came with the 6.34 mm adapter...
  21. Shammikaze

    Buying a Beyer DT990/600 and an O2/ODAC amp. Is this a good thing?

    Hey!    So, I'm new here, and I'm new to this whole high quality sound scene.  I've pretty much decided that I'll be getting the following setup today or tomorrow, unless someone changes my mind.   Headphones: Beyer DT990 600 ohm  Amp: O2/ODAC    Am I doing this right?  Also, anyone know...
  22. qzyxya

    Need help with an amp for sr225i (<$200), would the o2 DIY amp I already own work well with this setup?

    I apologize, I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, but any help would be appreciated :) I'm currently running this setup:   xonar dg > 3.5mm jack on the card > 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter > grado sr225i   However, I have a little bit of money to spend on upgrading this setup...
  23. Rydell

    Soon to be Q701 + O2 owner looking for insight into sound cards for PC Gaming

    Alright, I've learned my lesson. I jumped on a set of Razor Tiamat 7.1's for $200 and quickly noticed the audio and bass clarity were not near what I was hoping. So I actually sat down and started doing some research, and I think I've hit a snag in some info that hasn't been quite discussed...
  24. AdmiralAkmir

    Would I notice a difference in quality upgrading from Xonar DG to O2+Odac?

    I have a pair of dt770 pro 80 headphones, the DG can drive them okay, the volume has to be kind of high but they still sound good. I've asked about other amps before, but what I'm really curious about is the DAC. The Xonar DG is a 35 dollar sound card, while the j2labs stuff is well over a...
  25. Greenleaf7

    DAC incompatibility with OSX Mavericks

    Greetings everyone, I recently switched from a windows based PC to a Mac running Mavericks (OSx 10.9). From the beginning, I noticed some very obvious clicking and static during music playback. My set up is, and always has been, Computer > ODAC > O2 > headphones. Music playback was...