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So, the Objective2 headphone amp - designed entirely around the measurements? (PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING)

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  1. cheapskateaudio


    NO, it's entertainment. After all you got the chance to pop in at just the right moment and pipe up with some rather practical words of wisdom, jolly good fun wasn't it?
  2. Kibble Fat
    Time to get this thread back on topic before it gets shut down... keep your personal issues out of the DIY section please!
    I've built two with 1x and 2.5x gains and everything went very smoothly.  3.5hrs with labeling and resistor matching for the first one, 1.5hrs for the second.  I've used the o2 for 3 hours with HiFiMAN IEMs and I'm really loving the 1x gain to keep the pot tracking in check.  I do use an impedance adapter anyway, 75ohm I think.  The noise floor is barely audible on 2.5x gain at full volume.  IMPRESSIVE!
    One of the main reasons I wanted to build one was because they use the same aluminum case as the AMB gamma2 which I built last year.  I'm looking forward to having a very capable, cheap, AND compact audiophile brick that I can bring to meets!  
    Cheers all!
  3. cheapskateaudio

    I hope you're not talking to me, lol!
    And yeah all the low impedance phones I've tried sound the best I've heard them.
    I heard noise at first because in my excitement I momentarily forgot about grounding electrical things. Now, I don't hear any noise with mine and it's the normal gain version.
    Kudos on building 2, now I don't feel excessive building another one. 
  4. Kibble Fat
    one was for a co-worker -- 2 for yourself is definitely excessive lol  
  5. samsquanch


    you say that like it's a bad thing...  I have one built in stock form, and one board sitting aside to be modified, that way I have a base line to compare to, or so I tell myself.
  6. kiteki
    Kibble Fat... it took you 3 1/2 hours to build it, which walkthrough were you using? Linky?
  7. cheapskateaudio


    But, they're cheap, right? You know, objectively, 2 is really not a lot more than 1, I mean, when you consider that there are so many numbers of amps I could have possibly built (1000 trillion billion comes to mind) choosing 2 seems relatively restrained actually. 
    Seriously though, I have an excuse, a valid one, I gave my GF my old ATH900's and so she's been slightly exposed to good audio and is jealous of my amp so I'm making her one.
    I'm TWO LEGIT baby...
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