1. Harry Manback

    O2 on Li-Ion

    My O2 sounds so much better with my PS500e headphones when I use Lithium Ion batteries in it.  I'm sure it's an impedance thang.   Comments?   Anyone know how to modify this beiatch to charge lithium instead of old ****ty nm-hydride batteries.   If you do please share.  I know I can't...
  2. Willakan

    So, the Objective2 headphone amp - designed entirely around the measurements? (PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING)

    Jude has kindly agreed to lift the ban on discussion of the works of banned members to allow discussion of the O2 headphone amp. However, please pay attention to the following before posting, otherwise this thread is likely to get locked:   1.This thread is about the amplifier, not NwAvGuy...
  3. qzyxya

    Need help with an amp for sr225i (<$200), would the o2 DIY amp I already own work well with this setup?

    I apologize, I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, but any help would be appreciated :) I'm currently running this setup:   xonar dg > 3.5mm jack on the card > 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter > grado sr225i   However, I have a little bit of money to spend on upgrading this setup...
  4. esq3585

    Recent acquisition Epiphany EHP-02 amp looking for some advice on Rubber End Caps.

    I recently purchased this O2 amp which is wonderful but I am looking to add some protection to the casing and nwavguy recommends the rubber box enclosures but being in the UK I cannot seem to source and UK stock anywhere, I was wondering if anyone had came across these in the UK, many thanks in...
  5. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Acoustics join Head-Fi with the EHP-O2 portable headphone amp

      Hello! I am very happy to announce that Epiphany Acoustics, a small British hi-fi manufacturer based in the UK, are now official sponsors of Head-Fi.org. We currently sell headphone amplifiers but are looking at expanding into other areas of hi-fi (including cables) in an effort to offer...
  6. Flying Finn

    Which one has better value: EHP-O2 + DAC or Amp/DAC in one package?

    Hi.   I just bought AKG Q701's. Well they haven't arrived yet but they should in next week.    I want to enjoy them in full power. I know I need at least a headphone amp. I've read these forums and found that the EHP-02 has cheap price but great value. I'm unsure is amp enough or do I...
  7. Epiphany Oliver

    Hi-Fi Choice Magazine award the EHP-O2 a 5 Star 'Recommended' review!

    We are extremely pleased and very excited to see that the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2 portable headphone amplifier scored a full 5 star ‘Recommended’ review in the August 2012 issue of HiFi Choice magazine, currently on sale now.   They noted that the EHP-O2 is ‘exceedingly quiet’, that ‘the...
  8. TSIG

    Epiphany EHP-O2 Video Review

      Here is my video review of the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2.
  9. manufelices

    Epiphany EHP-O2 & JDS Objective2 O2 & JDS C5

    Which of these, do you think offer best quality?
  10. kmitschiener

    02 differences

    Can anyone tell me the difference of the Epiphany acoustics version and the jds labs one? thanks.
  11. Couch Potato

    O2/DAC combo or the EHP-O2D combo?

    I know it is manufactured by the same guy, but are there any differences between the two?   Im looking for a decent amp/dac for my headphone PC and 5.1 dolby speaker   will i be able to link any of the combo into my Logitech z5500 speakers with Optical plug (forgot the real terminology)...
  12. shigzeo

    GoVibe Vest amp and DAC 24/192 (upsampled from 96kHz) Dual WMA8740

    TouchMyApps review is live.   In the last week, I've had the pleasure of listening to the new Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII, and along with them, a combo I feel really matches, the GoVibe Vest. From what I understand, the name comes from old view or TW cameras. Who knows.   What I do know is...
  13. J

    Best budget amp for the hd650

    Hey everyone, i've been thinking about getting the 650s, but i'm not sure what amp i should use. I have the e17 right now, and from what i've read, it has nowhere enough power to drive them. What would be the best budget amp with the best price/performance. I'm currently looking at the schiit...
  14. XHale

    Classical music + gaming

    Hey, so I've repriotized from my previous thread (Good gaming headphones) amd figured that I have more time for listening to classical music on my Ipod than gaming. So I've been looking at these headphones: 1. FA-003(USD165) 2. Q701(USD300~) 3. HE-300(USD200~ 4. DT880 Pro 600/Premium...
  15. sanadsaad

    First audiophile experience

    So my first ever purchases were: Sennheiser HD 650 Bottlehead Crack with Speedball upgrade Epiphany O2DAC/Amp combo   Since the headphones arrived earliest, I plugged me straight into my macbook pro and fired up my lossless tracks. I must say im not very overwhelmed and understandably...
  16. xClariS

    Lookng for new headphones!

    Hello everyone!   I'm wondering what the best headphones would be in the price range of $300-400 for Music-JPop, Games, Movies. I recently got my hands on a Razer Tiamat 7.1, but I'm not really satisfied with what comes out of it. I mean, in games its pretty nice, but everything else is...
  17. NimbleTurtle

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    As I was searching for a good amp/ dac, I decided to save myself the trouble of picking between numerous options and get an O2 amp/ dac.    Now I have to choose between JDS Lab variant and the EHP variant. I can only see the rear view of the former...
  18. Jbucla2005

    Amp for Beyer DT770 600 ohm?

    I'm looking for something neutral that can be used for mixing to just listening to music. Budget is around $500. I want something that is truly powerful enough for 600 ohm Beyers. I will be using my Apogee Duet as a source. I was considering the O2 amp, but didn't like the fact that it currently...
  19. NimbleTurtle

    Question regarding low impedence headphones

    Watup dawgs? I'm looking for a desktop amp/ dac. I have a 50 ohms sennheiser HD 598. I'm a noob when it comes to the audiophile world and a couple days ago, I read an article by NwAvGuy regarding headphone amplifiers. From what I can understand, buying an amp such as the FiiO E9 (an output...
  20. average_joe

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread: 16 amps reviewed (Leckerton UHA-6S MKII added)

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread   Amps mean different things to different people.  It depends on your use, music,  source, headphone, and ears to determine if an amp will make a difference, and if so how much.  As primarily an IEM guy, I have had mixed results with amps through the years depending...
  21. Swimsonny

    JDS Labs cMoyBB V.2.03 vs. Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02

    JDS Labs cMoyBB v.2.03 compared to the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2   To start of with these are both amplifiers designed for the portable market and both have very attractive low prices. They are currently the only two that i own and have ever owned and if i ever acquire more i may well add...
  22. sid12345678910

    200 or less neutral desktop amp

    Hay guys   i am looking for a desktop amp that very nutral   i am not particully using high impedance headphones with usally my shure 440s and my Sennheiser HD 438 and my futer sonic atrios, i just want to get the most out of them, i am conaiderning mabey buying some xb 1000 or...
  23. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Hippo Cricri+: What More Could You Ask From This?

    Hippo Cricri + Headphone Amplifier/DAC Review   Introduction:   Jaben’s house brand Hippo maybe known for its rather impressive budget orientated IEMs but to me I know and love Hippo as the company that brought my current go to and most used portable amp, the cricri. It is cheap, tiny and...
  24. hpandy

    Thinking of moving from Wharfdale Evo2-30 + Arcam alpha 10 (loudspeaker setup) to Audeze LCD-2 (HP setup)

    Hi,   As the title says, I am thinking of making this transition due to the fact that I enjoy loud music but don't enjoy disturbing my neighbours :(.    I am hoping that people who have owned both headphones and similar standard loudspeaker set-ups can first of all tell me if it is...
  25. imoffline

    Questions about DAC for DT990

    4Good evening everyone! I plan to get my A1 recently for driving 250ohm DT990. Any recommended DAC for this combination? Thanks a lot for answering! My sound source is CDs and I have approx $500 budget.