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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by seezer, May 4, 2006.
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  1. seezer
    FallenAngel was quick to respond to PMs and prompt in submitting payment for my MS-2s + plus accessories. He was very patient and provided a lot of useful information about shipping to Canada.

    An excellent transaction from start to finish. I would not hesitate to deal with FallenAngel again.

  2. Kurashima
    Bought Grados by meeting up together, not via shipping. Was flexible and arranged to meet more than halfway between our cities. Everything included as specified and in good condition. Completely satisfied, a great transaction all around.
  3. soloz2
    I sold FallenAngel some soldering iron tips that didn't fit my iron. Prompt payment and patient waiting for them to come.
  4. blargman
    bought an HPDAC off him. we worked out shipping and I had it in my hands in like 4 or 5 days. good seller. A+ and all that [​IMG]
  5. civilmonkey
    FallenAngel sold me his extra parts for an HPDAC. Packaging was top notch, shipping was fast, and he answered my questions quickly. Recommended of course A+
  6. Conduit
    Sold me a HPDAC. Very happy with dac/amp and he was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
  7. ICU
    FallenAngel. Ditto to all of the above.

    Bought a PINT from FallenAngel. After all my feetdragging, FallenAngel was swift to reply to all of my messages, and sent the PINT from Canada (which to my surprise) arrived in record time!

    Nicely built, I wouldnt be surprised if he hears from this satisfied buyer of amps again.

    Thumbs up![​IMG]
  8. dragonne
    FallenAngel was quick to reply pms and was very very helpful with all my questions. [​IMG]

    My new sijosae amp and nifty dock to mini cable which he built for me came packaged very well. And very quickly too considering he's in Canada and I'm in Australia.

    Very good seller and A++ ratings from me.

  9. Ace o' Spades
    Didn't end up buying the amp in the end, but FallenAngel was quick to respond to PMs and provided some great pics of the amp.
  10. deej
    Fallenangle was very easy to deal with. He sent my cable the same day as the payment I sent him. Recieved the cable a couple days later. I'm so happy with his service I'm ordering another cable from him right now!
  11. .The Outsider.
    I sold a pair of HD600's to Fallen Angel. The transaction was quick and smooth. Definitely would recommend this head-fier! Enjoy!!!


  12. OGTL
    FallenAngel made me an AlienDAC.. SUPERB communication, answers were never answered later than an hour after I'd asked them, excellent and informative replies, quick shipping, and the DAC sound awesome. HIGHLY reccomended.
  13. n_maher Contributor
    I sold FallenAngel some SOHA V3 PCBs that I had. He was super easy to deal with and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

    Happy building!
  14. NelsonVandal
    I bought an amp from FallenAngel. Very fast shipment. Excelent communication. Highly recommended.
  15. alfie
    I bought 3 op-amps from FallenAngel. Fast communication an shipping. Very nice person.
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