Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. jmac1516
    I’ll second the strong recommendation for the Sensaphonics. Very comfortable and great seal. If you believe you will be keeping your 846s for a long time, it’s a great investment.
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  2. moedawg140 Contributor
    You can find a bit more from the Final tips here:, but there are clear silicone options available. Your best bet for the Final tips may be to attend a CanJam at some point of the year - Final a lot of the times may have them for purchase, unless you may be able to obtain some tips for free.

    The SCS has been through a lot, but they have stood the test of time!
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  3. jmac1516
    True although I do not recommend the clear color as they do yellow over time. Can’t really see it when they are in your ears though.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    I personally wouldn’t go for clear, but it’s great that Sensaphonics is offering more variety of colors for purchase!
  5. LTDJ
    Nice one, I'll give the spinfit's a go first. Thanks for recommending them.

    As for custom sleeves, I'm using custom sleeves at the moment and my issues with 846's seem to be caused by them. Reading up on here many people brought up this point (that custom sleeves change the signature sound of 846's) and I'm leaning towards it.
    I love custom sleeves and had loads of positive experiences in the past hence me being disappointed that I couldn't get them to work with 846's, for now at least.
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    Happy to help. When you say “custom sleeves”, do you mean custom sleeves or the SCS is/are what you own and use?
  7. LTDJ
    Custom silicone sleeves like SCS but not made by them.
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks for the confirmation. Try out the SCS if nothing else is working for you.

    Good luck!
  9. encoreAC
    Raising the bass settings by 4 on my FiiO e07k did wonders to this IEM. Getting finally a full sound with blue filters!
  10. shahkhan
    Hi there, I'm wondering if someone can compare Rha ma750 with shure 846,as I'm planning to updgarde. Do you think price difference worth the upgrade?
  11. LTDJ
    Back with another update. I've been playing with different tips, got the largest SpinFit's, InAirs neither of which knocked my socks off sound quality wise. Looking at InAirs and thinking that it would be great if they were same girth but shorter I remembered that SE846's come with large memory foam tips which I have never used on the basis of previous issues with all non-custom tips in the past.

    So I tried them on and daaaaamn, they sound heavenly good now! I've managed to fine tune EQ to my liking, something I wasn't able to do before, and I'm flying. The bass, the mids, the trebles, the soundstage everything works perfectly now. Honestly these are the best headphones/earphones below 1k I've ever heard. I'm glad I've not given up on them in the end!
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  12. tbritton
    I'm glad you hadn't as well! Enjoy them! :)

  13. msp
    I took the chance an ordered a black version, it arriveded today I am sure it is the real deal, all the paperwork is there, and all the parts it even have a serial number inside and outside the box.

    Finally it sounds fantastic

    Kind regards Morten, and thanks for the link.
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  14. 0x6170
    Great! I am also hovering on buying ones from them, but I am hoping they will have clear version at some point.

    What is the manufacture date on your pair? Is there any additional documents regarding warranty? How long did it take to deliver them to you and to which country?

    Thanks for the info!

  15. msp
    Hallo, no addition documents about warranty, if there is a problem you will have to send them back, I asked.

    Mine are made the 29th October 2017.

    It took a little over a week, during Christmas and new year, they where shipped from UK, I live in Denmark.

    Kind regards Morten
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