Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. sha007
    Hi, can anyone recommend me a cheap balance cable for the se846 to use with Pioneer xdp 300r's 2.5 mm 4 pole balanced port?

  2. Dulalala
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  3. moedawg140 Contributor
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  4. sha007
    Thanks for the info. The price of the cable is too good to believe. Is the cable durable?

    How long you have been using this Brainwavez cable with ur se846?

    Are those connectors 360 degree rotatable like the original?
  5. moedawg140 Contributor
    Anytime! The price is pretty much the lowest I’ve seen for a balanced cable in my life. Since I normally go through a lot of audio equipment, the Brainwavz Candy Cane balanced cable that I own was utilized more for testing out the B400, SE846, and QP2R. I would say the cables are durable enough. You can purchase a second cable and it still will not be similar to the price of a competing balanced cable! The connectors are 360° rotatable as well.
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  6. msp

    I sometimes miss a really good iem, I have previously owned a CIEM (Spiral Ear ref5) but it could never get a good fit. Now I am using a RHA T20, and a B&W P9.

    I am seek a relaxed full sound, like the P9 have, will the SE846 be a good upgrade for the RHA T20?

    I have a Mojo, but my idea is to procure the lighting cable for the SE846, I often forget to charge the Mojo, hence my plan is to sell it and use IOS cable for both the iem and the P9

    Kind regards Morten
  7. sha007
    Is it possible to damage the SE846 by using cheap cable (sorry I'm very new to the audiophile world)? The price of the Brainwavz Candy Cane cable seems reasonable to me. But why it's 2.5 mm jack has 3 pole (in photo)? So will it work properly in XDP-300R's "2.5 mm 4 pole balanced port"?

    I should've asked this question earlier : I believe you have experienced my headphones and IEMs. Do you feel that using IEM's like SE846 (only 9 ohm) with balanced cable improve sound quality significantly?

    Thanks again for your help and sorry for asking too many questions :)

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  8. Stranger Than Fiction
    I’m satisfied with my iPhone 7Plus + Shure 846 + Ted Allen / Headphonelounge copper litz setup. As yet I’ve not found an amp that adds anything to the 846s without taking anything away from portability (shame too as the Mojo+846 combo is a thing of beauty). My experience probably isn’t much help because I’ve yet to go full balanced but for what it’s worth a good cable is a sound investment.
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    No worries, it’s all good. Most cables won’t get damaged too easily, but can possibly oxidize with extended use. I’d have to try out the other cables that I own to verify their poles/compatibility. I’ll get back to you ASAP. :beerchug:
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  10. moedawg140 Contributor
    I hope that I was able to help answer inquiries today.

    Good luck to you in your balanced cable endeavors, and Happy Holidays!
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  11. sha007
    Thanks. I'll definitely try the cable.

    I'm wishing you health, peace and prosperity this holiday season and in the coming New Year.
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  12. IEMstrong
    These aren't your average portable IEMs. Buyer beware if you're planning to stream Spotify from your iPhone.
  13. LTDJ
    Quick update on my situation, I've been trying other tips - most don't work due to issues mentioned earlier. But I've managed to get a good seal using yellow foam tips and the sound signature is much more pleasant - they aren't so freaking loud, highs aren't trying to pierce my brain, the bass is tighter and meatier and they are more spacious. They are painful after a while though (same as triple flanges) and I'm sure I can't use them in the long run... So any suggestions regarding tips?
  14. moedawg140 Contributor
    Final tips, SpinFit tips, Westone sample pack, and if nothing works for you, I’d look into custom sleeves like the SCS (Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves). Here is more information regarding the SCS, if you’re interested:

    Happy Holidays, and good luck on your tip-hunting endeavors!
  15. LTDJ
    "Final tips" - any info on these? I can't find any useful info on them, not the best/google friendly choice for a brand name let me tell you that haha.

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