Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. 0x6170
    Great, thanks for the info! It's good that the website is legit and it offers SE846 for such a good price.

    Hope that your pair will last you long and will deliver lots of joy to to you!


  2. Toom
    Am loving my new 846s. This is all.
  3. Marvellous_DAP
    That's great! Using which filter and did you mod the filter?

  4. Toom
    The blue filters, and no mod, totally not needed, that way lies madness. Tips = medium silicones. Sound = incredible.
  5. styks
    Hi all and a Happy New Year to you.

    Very interested in buying a pair of SE846, I really enjoy my SE535 but want to upgrade.
    From reviews they seem to be generally well respected.

    I'm yet yo go and listen but before I do they will be driven by my MojoPoly combination.
    Please excuse me for not wanting to trawel through all the posts here, there are so many pages and i dont know how to search in one thread.

    Simply, if there is such a thing in Audio, is my Mojo/Poly capable of bringing out the best from the SE846 IEM's ?
    It's capable of producing a stunning listen from my SE535. IMO ..... My only other amp is the Marantz PM7005 with built in DAC but of course that's not portable.

    If Mojo will not bring out the best from it then it's a waste of time me even considering the purchase, I can't afford another DAC/AMP also.


    Damn, sorry, just spotted the "search this thread" button, how have not see that before! Durrr.
    I'll go and search but please reply if you dont mind in case I miss something important.
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  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    I’ve auditioned a number of amps with my SE846s and it is the only one to have added anything to the experience. What improvements there are can’t be elaborated upon however as it was a while ago and only a brief audition.

    The 8’s are a worthwhile upgrade from the 535s though. If you like thumping electronic music (proggy psy trance, UK bass music, Zukf, house, drum & bass, etc), rock and metal they perform with aplomb. Soundstage, upper highs and instrument separation are the only weak spots to speal of. Otherwise expect sublime mids and visceral, fun bass that covers the complete lower end.

    And did I mention the sub-bass? As you are as yet uninitiated, let me just say strap yourself in. It’s like taking a Shinkansen deep into the abyss.
  7. kino lau
    Almost barely worth mentioning... :confounded: :thinking:
  8. styks
    Thank you,
    I'm very tempted, it's quite an outlay though so it would have to be exceptional to my ears.

    I've read one reviewer saying it was out performing all of his full size headphones! Not sure that would be possible, sounds like a claim to far? ...... But of course it depends on what headphones he's comparing of course. Being a reviewer you would expect them to be decent headphones within the same price bracket.

    Any comments on that claim / opinion? ......

    If that is indeed the case I would sell my Focal Elear and HD650 to lessen the financial shock
  9. ropie
    You would not hear me claim that the Shures are better than the Elears
    But I was in for some new audio equipment and was really curious about the Elears.
    A few weeks ago I visited someone who was selling his Elears.

    This guy also owned the Shures (but not for sale)
    When I heard the Shures I decided not to buy the Elears, but search for second hand Shures SE846
    I found them and can confirm they definately sound like full size cans
  10. styks
    Errm .... Very interesting thank you. I'll have to try and audition.
    Everywhere is so far away from where I live, at least 2 1/2 hrs. For that outlay I'll make the effort though.
    I will search for second hand, I'm always worried about buying used though. I'm sure most serious listeners care for thier eqiup, especially at this level, but it is a worry.
  11. LTDJ
    Definitely have a listen to them before you purchase since there are many variables that could make them sound off in your ears (e.g. the kind of tip used), based on personal experience. But if and once you find the right tip they are very good indeed (I upgraded from SE535 LTD-J's)
  12. ropie
    Very true. Fit is very important for both sound and comfort. Only one way to find out
    The stock foam tips (size M) are perfect for me. They stay in place and very comfortable.

    I did a brief comparison with the Campfire Andromeda. Als very nice sounding buds. Not a very different sound signature from the Shures (when volume matched, the Andromedas are even more sensitive)

    But for me the Andromedas will never work. Could not get a comfortable fit
  13. Marvellous_DAP
    I was contemplating whether to try out the blue filter mod recommended by many of the users in this thread.

    Finally get to try it after getting a spare set of the blue filter.

    OMG. Can't believe removing 2 small pieces of foam can create such a nice uplift. SWEET!
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  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    @styks: That’s a good question. I’ve not heard many full size cans since I once upon a time used my Technics DJing headphones for on the go listening.

    The SE846s bass has a truly visceral bass that even now, going on four years of ownership, it still surprises me with what it can do on the odd occasion. Being IEMs it doesn’t rattle your chest and beyond but it does have a palpable quality about it.

    Where TOTL open back headphones differ most from IEMs is the soundstage and presentation I suppose. It’s all relative.
  15. msp
    Hallo have just received a spinfit tip in large, but it is to small a shame as I like the way it is made!

    Are there any recommendations for an alternative tip, I prefer silicone and do not like the included tips.

    Kind regards Morten

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