Shanling M2s Hi-Res DAP with AK4490 + MUSE8920, Bluetooth, & USB Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Apr 7, 2017.
  1. XVortex
    haha! here we go:
    Custom Firmware for M2s based on v3.00: download
    (this firmware already has a custom theme editing ability).
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  2. Ivan TT
    ... and "short delay slow" has best soundstage and quality of details, unless it is placebo :L3000:
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  3. TheoS53
    Ha! that's awesome. Thanks buddy
  4. liquidrats
    Here are some explanation from Fiio's X3. I'm think it should be the same.

    Taken from the above website if you don't want to click.
    Linear phase Sharp Roll-off (AKMnotation: “no delay”): this is the “standard” sharp roll-off filter found isall DACs. It is also known as the “brickwall” filter. It is said thatpre-ringing sounds unnatural.

    Linear phase Slow Roll-off (AKMnotation: “no delay”): this is also a “standard” filter found in all DACs. Asin the linear phase sharp roll-off filter, it also generates pre-ringing, buttrading lower amounts of pre-ringing with letting more aliased image through (theoretically increasing harmonic distortion).

    Short delay Sharp Roll-off (AKM notation:“short delay”): this is also called the “minimum phase” or “apodizing” filterthat was the rage a few years back. Whereas in the past audio engineers have insisted in phase linearity (meaning all frequencies have equal phase ordelay), More recent research have shown that a “minimum phase” filter sacrifices some of the phase linearity (adds some phase distortion) for bettertime response. This filter removes all the “unnatural” pre-ringing but “dumps”all that energy to post-ringing. Implementation of this filter is also found inthe Wolfson WM8741/8742 DACs

    Short delay Slow Roll-off (AKMnotation: “short delay”): this is a “more modern” type of filter also found inthe Wolfson WM8741/8742 DACs. In addition to eliminating pre-ringing, this filter also incorporates slow roll-off and this reduces post ringing as well.
    The properties of this filter aresimilar to the "MP Filter" found in Ayres latest CD player.

    Super Slow Roll-off: this filter is the differentiating feature (in terms of built-in filters) that this DAC provides. The AKM literature says “super slow roll-off filter with emphasized characteristics”(which really means nothing).
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  5. karloil
    Great work man! Thanks. Keep it up!
  6. Shanling
    Need to try your work on my M2s ASAP :)

    I'm also fan of Short delay slow, using it both on my M3s and M2s.
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  7. Dobrescu George
    Short delay or brick walls have always been my favorite filters, the most transparent ones as well XD
  8. Ivan TT
    You've got M3s?
    Nice! :L3000:
  9. Shanling
    Since I work for Shanling, I have much more than M3s :smiling_imp:
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  10. liquidrats
    M5s? hehe
  11. TheoS53
    Probably M7s and M9s too :p
  12. Ivan TT
    It's understood, apologies about weird sense of humour I've got.
    But since we are talking about "much more" and if it's not too much to ask...
    Any plans to release a DAP based on AK4497EQ?
    A hint would do nicely, the reason I'm asking is that there's at least two reasonably priced DAPs that use this DAC available now, but I would rather have AK4497EQ based DAP from Shanling than trying my luck with less reputable (or not that well known) manufacturers...
  13. Shanling
    Actually just listening to one device based on these higher AK DACs, will see what will come out of it...
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  14. Shanling
    Firstly, one update about Shanling situation on Head-fi/Social media. These accounts are operated by me, Frankie. Previously I was doing it on side from my main job, but since November I'm full time employee of Shanling. And with that I also moved to China. So sorry for lack of communication in past two/three weeks, but there was simply too much going on at once.

    Now I'm located directly in Shanling offices, so all your comments and questions will go directly to the people that are best suited for it.

    Do you see the same problem when you are playing the standard 16bit files without reply gain?

    Green version was released on Chinese market only, since this light green is currently big hit on chinese phone market, but nowhere else in the World.

    Most cars USB input only works as USB flash drive reader. In theory, M2s in "USB" mode should be viewed as simple flash memory by cars stereo and all control should be done on the cars system. But these systems are tricky and they are not big friends with devices more complex than USB flash drive.

    Didn't experienced this on any of my M2s units. I would recommend to try reset (small hole on left side) when this problem appear.

    Always nice to see people using such high-end IEMs with our lower priced players.

    I especially like M2s with my Noble Katana.

    Sennheiser Bluetooth products use unique bluetooth set up and so far we have problem with setting up our system to work with them. So far Sennheiser Bluetooth models doesn't work with Shanling players, we are trying hard to fix it, but so far no luck.

    Thank you for input on this Bluetooth issue.


    Hmmm, did you try to set it up with Wasapi on Windows?

    Will see what I can do with this.
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  15. skierro
    Hi @Shanling and @Joe Bloggs ,
    Just for the recall - is it possible to put scrobbling in the next M2s firmware or maybe it is possible to arm the HibyMusic app with this function?

    @Shanling - can you also check if it is possible to change the default font used in the M2s firmware? Polish accented characters still doesn't display correctly. You can use the font from @XVortex ROM - all characters are perfect in that case.

    Thank you very much for your great support for all of us on this forum! :ksc75smile:

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