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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. hodgjy
    Stores often put placeholders up for new products, and usually customers don't find them too easily.  It's likely that Schitt found out the placeholder got discovered and asked them to take it down.
    Or, it could be a controlled leak, a la Apple.
  2. MattTCG
    Or it could have been someone combing lyr and Asgard 2...[​IMG]
  3. CraftyClown
    Cheers Jeff. I'm really looking forward to giving it a go.
  4. B-Dawk20

    I think that's probably while I'll never have a crack. I would like my amp to work well with multiple headphones.
  5. whirlwind

    That seems to be the only down fall to the crack...if you onl have the 650 then you are ok....also maybe some beyers....just not as versatile if you own a few pair of cans.
    It all fairness to the BHC.....most people seem to own a couple of amps anyway....maybe a tube and a ss amp.
  6. ccash
    Received my 650s yesterday. I ordered them because: I started a headphone search a couple months ago. It's really difficult to find places to audition headphones, and I didn't realize you guys have meets. Of the ones I was able to audition, the Beyer DT-880 and these Sen 650s impressed me the most (and the LCD-2, but you know...). 
    I bought the DT-880 600 Ohm, then a Matrix Mini-i as a DAC, partly based on its "warm" signature, and then a Darkvoice 336se. Trying to de-harsh the 880s. They are really special phones -- they have some magic in their air and I love it, but they're thin in the upper-bass and low-mids and certain songs just make me wince. I have to turn down the volume or take them off. Stuff like light jazz and classical are really great (Diana Krall sounds amazing with this setup), but with lots of other stuff they grate on me and and/or sound thin. To try to "tame" them, I got some RCA tubes -- a greyglass VT-231 and a 6AS7. A somewhat subtle change overall, but in the right direction.
    I couldn't get the 650s off my mind, so I'm auditioning them now to find out if they give me what I'm looking for.
    Well, out of the box they're pretty much the opposite of the 880s. There's an expensive feel and sound to them (and there should be for the price). Even though they're tight on my head right now, I like the positive-feedback feel better than the 880s light, barely-touching-your-head feel.
    I immediately noticed the nice, full, rich low end. I sat and listened for a while and found myself wanting to EQ in an upper mid and treble boost. Was this the "veil" I keep hearing about? The bass started to seem a little too full. The soundstage is nice, but no comparison to the wide-open airiness of the 880, which is really the 880s biggest strength. In comparison, the 650 seems closed in, pinched and a little muffled. That said, still wonderful sounding. Listening in iTunes, if I EQ in some upper mids and highs, they get right about where I want them, SS-wise. I have a lot of different sources though, so I don't want to have to rely on EQ'ing them. 
    I have a Sylvania VT-231 tube on the way to try to brighten up my rig. The Mini-i isn't doing the 650s any favors either.
    I've been busy reading the break-in threads and apparently what I'm experiencing is completely normal... and that after 100, 200, or 300 hours they'll be like a different set of phones; the bass will tighten and un-bloat, the treble will present itself and the phones will just open up. I'm willing to find out, so I guess I'm going to leave iTunes on in shuffle mode for a few more days.
    You guys think I'm in for a nice surprise or a disappointment?
  7. jonny564
    Does the crack work well at all with a set of smaller monitors? If i get back into hifi 650 is the only pair of headphones i will own, although it would be nice if the crack could power some decent bookshelfs.
  8. ButtUglyJeff
    I don't know the A&K sound signature, but I'm sure it will lend itself well...
  9. CraftyClown

    I'm actually getting Vinnie at Red Wine audio to swap out the DAC chips and give it a full balanced mod. Supposedly it shouldn't sound too far off the ak240 one done. All in all, pretty excited to hear it :)
  10. connieflyer
    First off, welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your phones as much as we do.  Since you had a chance to compare all the Senns at one time, could you give us an idea as to how they compare to each other?  Using their amps should take out any mismatches and leave just the phone sound. Enjoy, Don
  11. shmarty
    @connieflyer: The HD600 was very good but it just was lacking a little in the Bass area for me. It had good Bass but not as much impact as the HD650. The HD650 felt like a warm blanket around you. It had good Bass, excellent Mids and pretty good Highs. The HD700 just seemed a bit harsh sounding to me and I did not favor it at all. The HD800 on the other hand was fantastic and if I was able to spend that kind of money I would have gotten that over the HD650. It was extremely detailed and huge soundstage and although a little bit brighter than the 650 not in a harsh way at all. The HD800 was also much more comfortable than the HD650.
  12. Krutsch
    100-200-300 hours for break in?  I've been away from my head-fi rig for a while, but just got my HD 650 today - used from a seller on eBay that claimed very little use (they do appear unused).  I am coming from Grado RS2i and the change in sound is really dramatic; lush is one way to put it, but I see what folks mean by the veil.
    Looking forward to experiencing the "break in".
  13. Lorspeaker

    Sylvannia should add some tightness to the sound, failing which a silver plated cable :p
  14. ccash
    Thanks Lorspeaker, I hope so!

    Krutsch- I know. It sounds a little nuts to me too, but since so many people say it, I have to respect it. So instead of just concluding that the 650s aren't what I'm looking for -- out of the box -- I'll do the break-in for a few days with continuous music and then make another evaluation.

    I just read an article where they took measurements before and after 100 hours, and there aren't any real changes in frequency response. The main difference was in pad wear, which they say will affect the sound more than anything by making them more bassy.

    I apologize if this is a tired subject for some of you. I'm chasing the holy grail of sound for my ears and I'm afraid its going to be Goldilocks syndrome: "These phones are too bright. These phones are too bassy..." For the reviewers that actually say there's a difference, the 600s sound like they may be what I'm looking for: not as sweet or flattering, but more natural, with less bass and a little more bite up top.
  15. James-uk

    For me personally I find the 650s a little to dark and bassy and the hd800s are sometimes missing that touch of warmth that I like. The hd600 has pretty much a perfect balance for me, a touch on the warm side but it's a very natural sound, closest sounding to my speaker setup.
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