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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. CraftyClown
    Anyone here tried pairing up their 650s with ALOs RX mk3 B? I'm just waiting for one to be delivered and I'm considering getting my 650s balanced for it
  2. Solrighal

    Congratulations! The 650's keep getting better too.

    As you know I've been torn between the Lyr and the Crack. I've still not pulled the trigger on either but a Lyr 2 is very tempting.
  3. jonny564
    Where'd you hear about this? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 650 + crack +dac but i might wait depending on the new specs of the lyr. Love schiit 
  4. daniel0407


    IMHO, the HD650 are way better than the HD558/HD598, in another different league. For me, the difference between the HD650 and the HD800 is much smaller than that between the HD650 and the HD558/HD598.

    But you need an amp for the HD650, and a good source.
  5. Zojokkeli

    This month?! Holy schiit! Would love to hear the impressions with 650's.
  6. MattTCG
    Completely unconfirmed. 
  7. caracara08
    For me, once you go Crack, there's no going back. When I buy the 650 again the only amp under 1-1500 is the Crack.

    Lyr 2 is probably nice but if you're deciding between the Crack and the Lyr 2, I still think for the 650 the Crack will win out.

    Now if I had an ortho and the 650 I would probably give it a try.
  8. MattTCG
    ^^ Without knowing anything about the lyr 2 I'd still agree with you here. The Crack is made for the 650. The lyr and respectively the lyr2 will be more versatile playing well with other hp's. 
  9. hodgjy
    The TEAC HA-501 is an excellent match the HD650.
  10. Solrighal

    Cheers guys. That's me back to square one again.

  11. ButtUglyJeff
    I do, balanced, with a CLAS db.  Its a very strong pairing, with plenty of power.  But I do prefer my HD650 with my HiFi-M8, also balanced.  The M8 has just a bit more strength in the lower regesters, and feels a bit more "tubey"....
  12. pez
    Just to add to what's already been said; the HD650 extends deeper and has more impact than even the HD600.  I've heard the HD598, but not the 558.  The 598 has nothing on the bass of the HD650.
  13. MattTCG
    The bass on the 598 did nothing for me. Sorry...anemic. 
  14. joebobbilly

    Link not working [​IMG]
  15. MattTCG
    Looks like they took it off the website. Could have been a mistake on their part. Hope not. 

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