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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. martinrajdl
    Unfortunately enough, where I live, I can't audition much, especially when it comes to source gear and amps. That's why I am trying to get as many opinions as possible here. There are also not all that many options that don't require importing. Also I am a bit worried about getting the tubes for tube rolling. 
    That is pretty much why I am deciding between getting Asgard 2 or Valhalla 2. Anyway thanks for the input. 
  2. raybone0566
    Definitely vahalla2
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  3. Billheiser
    Congratulation to this thread for reaching 1000 pages! If it was me, I'd retire, but I reckon this thread can and will keep going.
  4. madwolfa
  5. yangian

    Yes. Val 2 is a little bit too gentileman. But tht's not a bad taste for certain genre.
  6. Bob A (SD)
    If your price point is where the Vahalla 2 is, I think you would be remiss if you didn't also consider the Garage 1217 Project Polaris.  It is a solid state amp with a tube sounding FET front end.  And also features tremendous configuration flexibility.  I moved to it from my Vali 1 after considering quite a few options.  I could not be more pleased!  [​IMG]
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  7. audiojun
    Maybe the feliks audio espressivo or if you can afford to pay more the elise. I tried to find an european company for you.
    edit: there is also laconic night blues a russian made tube amp.
  8. martinrajdl

    Wow, that actually looks really impressive and for a fairly reasonable price. The Elise is a little too much, but I will seriously look into espressivo. Thanks! 
  9. audiojun
    also i just edited in the previous post also the laconic labs night blue russian built.
  10. martinrajdl

    Wow, they both have some seriously good reviews, and would be much cheaper than the Valhalla 2, but as I read the Valhalla 2 thread, I got really convinced that this is a really good pairing for HD600s and 650s.
    Anyway thanks again, I will definitely do some more research on the Felix Audio Espressivo before pulling the trigger or Valhalla 2.
  11. yangian
     Oh, if you are in Europe, Felix Audio should be your first choice I bet.​
  12. martinrajdl
    Getting seriously away from the HD600 topic here, but Elise and Espressivo look really tempting, but I don't know if the extra 60% is worth for Elise, and I am not sure with the Espressivo. Anyway maybe if I get into tubes, this will be another option down the road. Thanks again to you and others for the recommendations. 
  13. perhapss
    Doubtful indeed.
    A properly designed/powered amp and good DAC will "resolve" just fine.
    Solid state or last century`s technology....
  14. Gregg Hermetech
    I've had my HD600 for about 6 years, but only yesterday did I do the foam removal mod, not sure if I prefer it yet, will live with a week or two and see.
  15. Billheiser
    Yes, they would resolve "just fine", but plenty of people would appreciate better than that standard. And tubes vs transistors is not a simple, clear, binary choice. They each have pros and cons. They both came about in the 20th century, and continue to evolve in designs.
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