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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. DavidA

    I will say that I wish other headphones were as well built as the Edition 8.  The story from my GF is that the sales person pointed out the Julia because she was carrying a pink Chanel hand bag [​IMG]
  2. Billheiser

    Good, cool!  If design & color helps people acquire and enjoy good headphones, then all the better!
  3. thefitz

    How's the sound?
  4. DavidA

    Really good actually for a closed headphone, one thing that makes it great was its very easy to drive, but its way over priced, if they were in the $500-750 range maybe.  Build quality and materials used are about as good as it gets.  My GF gave it to her daughter last year when she graduated from college.
  5. Midgetguy
    Good sound quality for grad gift? Good choice.
  6. DavidA
    If I were getting a headphone for graduation I would take the HE-560 (I gave my first pair to my son when he graduated high school) over these based on sound quality but for a young girl who loves fashion the Julia is second to none, almost as good as a Chanel hand bag.
    I think we are getting a little of the HD-600 here so I'm sorry for the derailment.
  7. Midgetguy
    Don't worry, I got this! The HD600 wouldn't match a fashion-forward young girl very well. Doesn't matter how good the sound quality is, something like the HE560 or HD600 wouldn't work fashionably.
    There's the loop-back to the HD600. I've got your back [​IMG]
  8. Bob A (SD)

    You could always have it "customized" like the work done by CustomCans UK https://www.customcans.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/customcans    and others.  [​IMG]
  9. _gl
    Hey they're not so bad.  I prefer them to the baby pink you often get.
    How did they sound? EDIT: already answered : ).
  10. DavidA
    I think this might be one reason that not many females take an interest in audio gear due to most headphones looking quite strange on their head.  There are only a few headphone that seem to have female approval from my experiences so far, the Julia and the old Momentum on-ear since it was available in a few different colors and it doesn't make you look weird when wearing them.

    Hi Bob, you and I know about these shops that will customize headphones but to know about these companies you first have to have an interest, this is where I think the disconnect is, getting females interested in the hobby.  Over the pass few years I've given those Momentum on-ears as birthday or x-mas gifts to many female friends and it has got most of them taking a further interest in audio gear but its still a long way off before they get to being on these threads.
  11. thefitz
    This is how you know there are little to no women in this hobby. In the modern day internet, the mere notion of why women may or may not do this and that results in a giant backlash of hashtags and memes.

    It's almost refreshing to read things and think "uh oh, if that statement was made about video games..." but see absolutely no SJW response.
  12. kman1211
    That is true. I have noticed that, there doesn't seem to be any backlash. The women who are involved in this hobby don't seem to be those that are easily offended. At least in my experience from forum browsing over the years on this site and my best friends.
  13. Bob A (SD)

    Over the years (and I'm pushing 70) I've found women to be just as enthusiastic about their interests and hobbies but they tend to gravitate to different venues than online forums to express sentiments and otherwise socialize.
  14. thefitz

    I could point you to about 40 hashtags that suggest otherwise. But maybe I'm splitting hairs. Dudes lurk in forums, but other online social media is a different story.

    What we're doing is #mansplaining apparently.
  15. Bob A (SD)

    LOL   #mansplaining !    Boy am I glad I've already finished my morning coffee or I might be looking for a new keyboard!   [​IMG]
    And as an aside, I don't do "social media" (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, reddit, tumblr, google+, et cetera ad nauseum).  [​IMG]
    desktop > foobar2000 w/_gl convolver impulse curves > Modi 2 > Polaris >\  HD580 w/HD600 grills, earpad foam liner removed, HM5 velour earpads w/nylon liner & NewFantasia cables
                                                                                                  > Vali 1  >/  HD600 w/CustomCansUK ultra low capacitance braided litz wire cables
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