Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. yangian
    After a period of listening, I realized 6N3P-E with Foton tubes is much better than WE396A with Foton tubes!
    BTW, Foton tubes seems to be much better than stock 6n6p. At least a perfect matching with 6N3P-E.
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  2. wwmhf
    By "Foton tubes", do you mean 6N6P by Foton?
  3. yangian
    Oh, yeah.
  4. TK16
    They are quite good, the Tung Sol 2C51 I rate a notch below is quite good too at a much lower price. I find the other brands GE, Bendix etc a bit harsh in the highs and bass light. The Reflektor 6N3P-E is quite good for the price, warm and detailed.
  5. Wes S
    TK16 - I do have 3 sets of the Tung Sol 2c51, but the we396a are so good, that I have not even tried them yet. Thanks for the info!
  6. nocturaline
    After switching to the JAN-Phillips 6922 that initially were in my X-CAN V3 and finding them quite bright (they sound really good in the X-CAN though), I ordered a pair of JJ E88CC Gold, and wow, now I can really say the Valhalla 2 is a real tube amp. The JJs are warm and detailed, and I no longer listen to the "sound"; I listen to the music.
  7. Mike Thompson
    I'm currently using a pair of Northern Electric 6SN7's on the gain side and really like them. With the Black Friday sales I ordered another pair for the buffer side. Not sure if I'l really hear any difference but thought I would give having quads a try. I'll post agin after they arrive.

    Oops... that was for my Freya :)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  8. redrich2000
    Newb question... are people only rolling the input tubes?
  9. KoshNaranek
    Mostly yes, the consensus appears to be that the power tube options are limited and limited benefit
  10. yangian
    Can 6CG7 be used for 6n6p directly?
    How about its sound compared to futon 6n6p?
  11. RMarks271
    Hi All,

    Sorry to dredge up a thread that has been fairly quiet recently, but I was hoping someone could share some advice.

    I recently bought a Valhalla 2 from you, and so far everything is working great.

    However, from its first switch-on, in one of the front tubes, there is a fairly significant imbalance of the brightness from the two 'sides' of the tube.

    You can see in this first photo that in the tube in the background, the right-hand 'glow' is significantly brighter than the left; it is dome-shaped and glowing more strongly than the flatter glow on the left. The tube in the foreground shows the other front tube, with both sides of the tube glowing pretty much exactly equally.


    In the second photo, the tube is shown close-up, and it is very obvious there is a difference on either side.


    Is this normal, or is there a problem with the tube?

    Many thanks for any input.
  12. redrich2000
    My stock tubes were the same. Didn't notice any issue with channel balance so I assumed it was normal. If you're worried email Schiit, they're very responsive.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2017
  13. KoshNaranek
    The difference in glow is from a slight difference in placement of the cathode heater. The tubes are tested on a curve tracer by Schiit and have equal triode electrical characteristics. Don't concern yourself. You should see the differences in the way RCA tubes in my Freya light up! It does not make for a pretty collection of tubes, but they sound great and I will not part with them
  14. RMarks271
    Thanks - I assume it's nothing - just good to check others' experiences.
  15. RMarks271
    Thank you - as with the previous reply, I was assuming it wasn't anything major, since there are no channel imbalances or any sonic differences.

    Thanks for replying.
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