Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. Mr.Tom
    Totally normal. It just looks different because the heating coils are not always placed in the same position. It looks brighter because your seeing more coil.

  2. RMarks271
    Thanks - always happy for more confirmation all is OK.
  3. yangian
    What's the two small light (LCD?) for which are on the board just before the tubes?
  4. limelake
    For Biasing the tubes I think.....
  5. orderingrabbits
    I burnt my finger touching the valhalla 2 output tubes today.

    Also, I put some GE's 6CG7s in there. Anyone else running this setup? I don't really notice a difference.
  6. northdown
    I recently picked up a second hand Valhalla 2 with a few spare tubes, including a set of GE 6CG7 - just to check: they would replace front (lower) set of stock tubes, so you end up with two sets of the taller tubes?

  7. orderingrabbits
    Yes, that's correct.
  8. adydula

    Is Valhalla rollable?
    Yes! The standard 6N1P input tubes can be subbed out for any 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/ECC85/6BZ7 types, including NOS, cryo-treated, voodoo-blessed, hand-assembled by elves, etc.

    Dont see 6CG7's in this list?

  9. KoshNaranek
    They work in Valhalla 2. I have a set of RCAs and EH
  10. orderingrabbits
    Is it bad to drive the valhalla to audible distortion with low sensitivity planars?
  11. cebuboy
    Anybody here tried the 6n6p-ir? I know it draws 900ma of current and against Nick T’s advice of using it due to the higher current draw. I’m pairing it with the lower draw of the 5670 series so total would not exceed 2.7a. I find it sounds fuller compared to the various nevz 6n6p I have. I constantly keep watch on the amps temp though. But I noticed it does not run as hot compared to running 6n1p and 6n6p in stock config.
  12. Jozurr
    Does anyone have a 5670/6n3/WE396A to ECC88/6922/6DJ8 adapter lying around they'd like to sell? Have a 396A tube that I want to try in a 6922 amp
  13. purehifi192
  14. tricolor
    Hey peeps! Hope all is well...

    Just wanted to share my happy face after a few days listening to Schiit's Valhalla 2 with russian 6N6Ps and slovakian JJ e88cc's. I am also using the socket savers. I think they do help keep the tubes cooler, especially from "aesthetics" side, along of course, with the temperature.

    Not sure if they will take still a few hours to "sink in" (I have been running them for just a couple of days now) but I am really happy with this combo. Well, not that I have any experience with tubes, but they sound pretty good to my ears right now!

  15. Deftone
    Holy Schiit the midrange on my 650s now the good lions are in, wow I don’t want to take off my headphones.

    Looking to add some socket savers, any degradation in sound quality with them installed?
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