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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. zabzaf

    Agree as well having owned both. IMO M2/GMB is still a tad bright with the HD 800s. YMMV
  2. JK-47

    What tubes are in your MJ2?
  3. zabzaf

    Stock at this point.
  4. JK-47
    I've tried the LISST, Russian 6N23P, JAN Philips 6922, Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8, and RFT ECC88. All have different sound signatures, but the smoothest in the top end are the RFT ECC88's made in East Germany.
    I haven't tried the stock tubes for comparison, but I'm sure there is something out there that will tame the HD800's down a notch or two. That's most of the fun with tubes, each brand/type has their own flavor they add...
  5. Shembot
    To my ear, the HD800 is absolutely wonderful with the Gungnir MB/Mjolnir 2 pair. I'm using rather aggressive tubes right now ('74 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shields), which are maybe very slightly aggressive with the HD800 (though they're perfect for other cans). HD800/GMB/MJ2 has become one of my very favorite combinations. It is indeed slightly bright with a stock HD800, but I personally don't find it to be "too bright".
    I found that the stock tubes (with a very balanced sound signature) are absolutely wonderful with the HD800, though. I've heard opinions both ways on the stock tubes, though, so best try with your own ears. :)
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  6. shultzee
    I dont feel the mj 2 adds any brightness to the hd 800.
    The hd 800 inherently has the spike in the treble region that everyone knows about. If anything the mj 2 tames that to my ears. Personally the stock tubes sounded pretty bad. I guess we all hear things in a different way. I want all the detail the hd 800's have to offer without any uncomfortable sound in the treble region. To me , the mj2 with good tubes delivers that extremely well.
  7. MattTCG
    Should be picking my amp up in a few hours from the fedex store. Got the NOS tubes ready and waiting. 
  8. shultzee

    Awesome.  Get those tubes burning in.
  9. czrtly
    Congrats on your aquisition, I would be very interested in your opinions on how the MJ2 pairs with the Ethers (closed version would be even better...!) and what tubes you find fitting for this headphone (hope not only the expensive tubes are a match!). I'm interested in MJ2, and while I have an Uber Biffrost I'm still decinding to either upgrade or going for a GMB in the end I'll have a multibit DAC, looking forward to your opinions, enjoy the new toy!
    best regards,
    Antonio Rivas
  10. MattTCG
    Well, yesterday I missed the fedex guy...my fault because I couldn't be home in time. So I had the package redirected to the local fedex store for delivery today. Waited ALL day for it to show up there for pickup. The fedex guy usually delivers to the fedex store first thing in the morning. After an hour on the phone I finally got someone who confirmed that the driver missed the package when he was at the fedex store...no schiit. 
    Now it will go back to the hub and an attempt to deliver to my house will be made tomorrow. Of course I won't be home. I curse my fate...[​IMG]##@!!! 
  11. shultzee

    Ugh, Go back online and redirect to fed ex store..  You've got to get that puppy. 
  12. MattTCG
    The eagle has landed. [​IMG]
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  13. elwappo99
  14. MattTCG
    I thought I'd share some thoughts along the way as I go through the evaluation process of this amp. First for starters, I set the mjo2 up like this: GMB>schiit pyst RCA cables>mjo2>Ether Open on a single ended cable. For direct comparison I have the Questyle cma800r receiving a single ended set of Kimber IC cables. (mjo with stock tubes and low gain) I let the amp warm for an hour before doing any listening. 
    Compared to the Questyle setup as described above, the Questyle is the better amp. Vocals are more fleshed out and mids in general have a more natural tonality. The mjo2 is punchy and dynamic but a little sloppy. What I mean is that localization of instruments is somewhat blurry and unfocused. The soundstage is decent on the mjo2 but more expansive width and depth on the Questyle. Percussion is decent on mjo2. Kick drums hit pretty hard and lifelike, but brush work with a snare drum lacks finesse. On the Questyle the brush work is easily picked out even with complicated pieces. The Que amp has a smooth and extended treble. Violins have an intoxicating timbre that draws me into the music. Comparatively with the mjo 2, the instruments hits the same notes but the refinement just isn't there in the same way as with the Que amp. The bass on the mjo2 is bold and dynamic. Very good extension but a little loose and bloomy tbh. The bass on the Que is tighter and has equal extension on those low notes. 
    The Questyle is better by a comfortable margin under these conditions. Please understand that the Questyle is an exceptional solid state amp and runs about $1500. At this juncture and setup in this way, the mjo2 is most reminiscent of the lyr2 (owned it for a year but don't have it anymore). Maybe slightly ahead of the lyr2 but they are very close. 
    Next up...50 hours of burn in, switch stock tubes to a nice NOS pair of miniwatts SQ's and going fully balanced. [​IMG] 
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  15. shultzee

    You are going to see quite a difference after running the mj 2 for awhile with better tubes.
    My initial impression was not unlike yours. I got quite a bit of distortion on lower frequncies with the brand new stock tubes. Also with run in on better tubes the soundstage gained depth quite a bit.
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