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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. crazychile

    Yeah, I don't get why people are so shocked that Balanced is noticeably better than SE. If it's done properly, it SHOULD be better. That's kind of the point of it all.
  2. RCBinTN
    Since you already have the M2 with balanced capability, that would be a relatively easy change to make.
    My history:
    I had already purchased the LCD-X and was driving them SE with the BiFrost/A2 stack with compressed music from iTunes.
    Then upgraded the stack to the original G/M equipment.  Now listening in balanced mode with compressed music.  Big improvement in SQ, but I upgraded the equipment at the same time as I went to balanced.
    Then, I heard high resolution music at a headphone meet in Nashville.  Totally blew me away.  The SQ was much better.  I immediately took steps to divorce myself from AAC/MP3 files and move to at least M4A (16/44.1) music files and JRiver.  Never going back.  However, the SQ will be very much influenced by 1) the quality of the original recording, 2) the quality of your components, 3) the type of music you listen to, and 4) as Currawong always says, the volume level.  I've noticed less of a difference in pop music, which I rarely listen to, but in other music genre where the instruments are more separated there's more of a difference.
    Net - all these moves made sense.  One step at a time, unless you have deep pockets.
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  3. Doneko
    I asked the same question from Nick T. at Schiit. Here is his response: "For the HD700 the Mjolnir 2 single ended should have a slight edge over the Lyr 2. However both will do a fine job with those headphones."
    Looks like the Mjolnir is the way to go for me. Not for the slight edge in SE, but for the versatility.
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  4. Trastan
    You won't be disappointed. The balanced out of the Mjolnir 2 is awesome, but the single-ended is no slouch. I can't speak for the Lyr 2, but it was an obvious upgrade coming from my Asgard 2. You'll especially have no issue with a set as easy to drive as the HD700 (which, if I remember correctly, aren't terribly far from my TH900 in signature). 
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  5. grdlow
    GE5670 tubes (see link) + Mjolnir2 = WIN? :xf_eek:
  6. Trastan
    Update: after some more break-in(?) time, coupled with better learning how to listen to music more critically, I've found that I'm preferring the LISST over tubes for the Mjolin 2/Gungnir Multibit combo. They reduce the harshness in the treble on my Fostex TH900 (especially helpful with those) while actually adding to the overall coherency and bass punch. I'm really surprised to find this to be the case, but that's my opinion. 
    Just FYI for those curious. LISST come highly recommended from me for the Mjolnir 2, at least after some break-in time. I certainly didn't like them in the beginning!
    Now if I can just track down a set of LCD-X!
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  7. bosiemoncrieff

    The nice words that I'm hearing about Mjolnir 2 and Solid State are really just encouraging me to pull the trigger on Ragnarok, an undisputed King of Solid State, as the K1Ks that I'm thinking about really do want a speaker amp.
  8. zive
    I haven't yet found myself prefering the LISST over even the stock tubes, as much as I'd like to considering the LISST cost me 5x what the stock tubes did. I'm holding out on your word that break in (either of the equipment or my ears) will make them preferable to tube sound. My problem is that with my current preference for the tubes the LISST only have about 3 hours on them while the tubes are nearing the 100 hour mark.
  9. reddog
    Go for it, I highly recommend the mighty Ragnarock. I got the MJ2 for 8 watts of balanced tube goodness. I have yet to like the LISST tubes, just to dry and not detailed enough. The Ragnarock sounds tube like but is so textured and detailed. And when you combine the detail, with the total power of the Ragnarock in balanced/ XLR , the headphones just sound great. And then you combine that sound with a wickedly good dac, the headphones sound intoxicatingly superb.
    I have been putting my second headphone station, through its paces. I was quite pleased with the symmetry of the GMB and MJ2, especially with good NOS tubes. However I went back to listen to Frank Zappa's " Sheik YerBouti" on my Yggy and Rag, and was just shocked how great it made my ETHER'S sing. The bass was so powerful, yet masterfully controlled. The bass never muddies up the midds. The bass sounds impactfull and yet so detailed and textured. Likewise the mids are tube like lush, yet remain textured, detailed and transparent. The highs are spot on perfect. The micro detail is ever so revealing without undo brightness. The soundstage is extremely three-dimensionally holographic. So yes I feel you should pull the trigger on the mighty Ragnarock.:)
  10. Mediahound
    If anyone wants to sell their LISSTs let me know.
  11. shultzee
    One thing I am really digging with the MJ2 is it does a incredible job with Iem's on low gain.  Was quite surprised.
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  12. MattTCG
    After being on the fence for the better part of the last few weeks, I finally gave in and ordered the mjo2. Looks like it will be here Thursday. Got some nice tubes on the way also. [​IMG]
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  13. shultzee

    I think the mj2 is just a incredible amp with HD 800's.   You definitely have to run the tubes in though.   Don't even listen to it for a few hours or you may be disappointed.     What kind of tubes did you order?
  14. MattTCG
    Philips miniwatt SQ's, gold pin. 
  15. Hardwired Contributor
    I have a set of those, love them. Nice tight bass while maintaining nice mids and top end. YMMV, IMHO, professional driver on a closed course, etc. But nice tubes. [​IMG]
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