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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. TK16
    That are the codes on the metal plate? They look like Siemens to me. Have you looked for a faint CCa on the first tube? The codes on the plate will tell you they are Siemens. But thwhag e CCa and E88CC will have the same codes from what I remember.
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  2. mat.1
    you mean this code ?
    siemens cca.jpg
  3. TK16
    My gut feeling says pass, no proof the left tube with no paint is a CCa and the 2 CCa have different change codes and possibly different years. Euroclag on eBay sells the Ao revision with grey shield on eBay. Tube A0 is considered the best by many. You can ask in the thread here if a anybody wants to sell a pair.p
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  4. mat.1
  5. mattrudy80
  6. mattrudy80
    Defiantly a fuller sound than other Teles I've listened to. Can be slightly bright on the top end depending on listening setup. One of my favorites for instrumentals and rock. Quite revealing and a keeper in my book.
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  7. kolkoo
    I have a pair of Siemens CCa that I could let go for 200$ made in 1965 test over 100% on Gm on my tester and 90-100% Ia (13mA). Haven't shipped to Indonesia though so not sure how that goes. I think it's a fair price considering most matched pairs on ebay go for 300$+ nowadays. But if you want to hunt I feel like you can score a better price if you buy singles and have a tester (always risk involved though :p).
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  8. jb77
  9. kolkoo
    I don't know much about the ECC82 but these are Siemens tubes you can see the etched codes on the side.
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  10. jb77
    Thanks kolkoo! I am not sure what is going on with these! Just looking around on eBay and found them
  11. kolkoo
    What are the prices on ebay for ECC802S generally?
  12. jb77
    Generally in this range around $750-$850 a pair

    EFAFC573-8704-4B74-8B4E-4F60AAFA9B91.png D060D42B-C59E-4A9D-ABEB-507CD8071AF6.png
  13. jb77
    I was looking closer at the tubes that are supposedly real Tele ECC802S and the internal construction is different from the listing I posted, so not sure what the one I posed is.
  14. kolkoo

    If you're going to pay that much you can buy from http://www.nostubestore.com/search/label/ECC82/12AU7 - EUROPEAN BRANDS , I've bought 5-10 pairs of various tubes from the throughout the year, they ship from Turkey but their tubes are amplitrex tested which is basically the best.

    Edit: my Dam Son reaction was meant towards the price of 750-850$ :D
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  15. jb77
    Thank you for the link!
    Lol. not going to spend that much on a pair of tubes right now though:ksc75smile:

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