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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. TK16
    Legitimate ECC801S owners, do your Teles light up well in the dark? Almost WE 396A brightness? They are really perty to look at in the dark.
  2. jb77
    With all of the talk regarding the Telefunken ECC801S tubes for the seller in India, I decided to post picture of the ones I got from him
    This is the “first tube”

    8AE50E0C-30BD-4A16-8E40-E646A1D2D9A5.jpeg 94BDA891-B5E0-4C44-8136-E9C82F6A3B0B.jpeg DC66A322-17B7-4FF0-A8C8-0287ADB2168C.jpeg 214C1110-6422-4F2F-816E-35DE428C6D62.jpeg B40E8B97-F116-4B34-96CA-68BBB91840E0.jpeg 21A710CF-F979-45BD-94A7-3ABCB98EC278.jpeg
  3. jb77
    And here is the “second tube” for the Telefunken ECC801S

    289A33CC-83DB-48F2-B8B1-3DB8F4448F34.jpeg 493C02A9-8BB9-47F7-A11F-E97AD3F9AB3B.jpeg 01810314-6278-4ED6-848A-8B64AC57A875.jpeg 6D79BCCD-06B6-4DD9-958F-F917A728D199.jpeg 01D22185-32BC-45E1-B62A-3E198C97236A.jpeg
  4. billerb1
    Look legit to me. Get those bad boys burnin' !!!!!!!!!!
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  5. jb77
    Thanks just rolled them! Listened for a few min and I can tell what everyone on both sides “so to speak” are talking about, they are “thinner sounding” with a little more emphasis or with the thinner sounding appear to have more emphasis on the upper regions! But there is a lot of detail in these tubes! Going to let these burn in and listen again later!
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  6. TK16
    Calling fakes on both tubes, is the paint dry on them? Are they the same code as mine?
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  7. fotomeow
    ooooohhhhhh ................ ssssssshhhhhhhh********ttttttttt ..................

    Edit: I mean, I hope its not true! But sorry, lol. After traveling in India for a month a decade ago, one thing I learned is that Indians know how to hustle like no others. Again, hope it aint true. But I guess you can return 'em ...................................................................... right?
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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  8. TK16
    Don't tell anyone that I was kidding.
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  9. fotomeow
    I bought a pair of 60s RCA 12au7s from Lowtechelec, received good tubes. But not in boxes. they were wrapped in newspaper and twisted on the end like tootsie rolls. :relaxed:
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  10. TK16
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  11. jb77
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  12. fotomeow
    Really? JC bro, make up your mind already.
    I worked in psych hospitals for 11 years. And yer kind of reminding me of some people :anguished:

    Yeesh. :yum::v:

    "Oh Schiit, so it`s may be possible, to laser cut some diamonds on this USA tube if it exists and sell them, hope not. Seen pics of GE make, they have much bigger getter flash and hard to see the getter. No U code either. Guessing they don't have the same distinct getter and getter wires?
    Found this but pics gone."

    "Initial impressions 2 hours in are not good, can tell close to 100% if I am going to like a tube 2 hours or less time. As they are now they would not crack my top 22 list. Got 2 pair of Telefunken in that list. tilted towards the high end, recessed mids, muddy bass. Tubes did appear to look like NIB when I looked at them. Hope burn in helps. Maybe I`m just used to listening to warmer tubes and need to adjust. Did anybody else have this initial impression with those Indian Tele ECC801S?"

    "The tube I got with no print with a fatter getter has a diamond on there, it is very hard to see. Look at the tube at different angles with a flashlight with a magnifying glass or similar. The other tube looks like it was painted prior to shipment. The glass on both tubes were the cleanest I ever seen."
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  13. mat.1
    Hi, Is this a legit Siemens CCA Holly Grail ? 1938957_2fcbd451-d368-4a18-b91a-88e9afc1f686_980_980.jpg 1938957_d643ae24-4958-4803-a0b8-5468e65c5923_980_980.jpg
  14. TK16
    They look like 2 CCa, 1 has no paint. There will be codes on the metal on each tube what are they? Is there any faint CCa on the no paint tube. 3rd tube is an A frame later year. You might be able to pair up the first 2 tubes. A CCa is a selected E88CC.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  15. mat.1
    I dont know , i just copy the picture from the seller, i am worry is not legit cca , so i ask here if anyone can know is legit or not before decided to buy.

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