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Oct 18, 2019 at 11:33 AM
Sep 21, 2017
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mattrudy80 Send PM

100+ Head-Fier, Male, from Minnesota

mattrudy80 was last seen:
Oct 18, 2019 at 11:33 AM
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    HD600, HD485, SR325, Harman Kardon BT, SRH1540, Meze Classic 99, Aeon Flow Closed
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Vali 1, Asgard 2, HA-200, Little Dot MKIVSE, Lyr 2, Feliks Espressivo
    Source Inventory:
    Explorer 2, DragonFly Red, Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital
    Power-Related Components:
    Other Audio Equipment:

    Tube Rankings:
    1. 49/50 RCA 6SC7
    2. 1959 MULLARD WHYTELEAFE CV4024 650 [\]9C [\]9D
    3. 1956 MULLARD BLACKBURN 12AU7 Square getter K61 B6H
    4. Tung Sol 6188/6SU7WGT
    5. 1958 Valvo Hamburg ECC82 Long plate angled getter k62
    6. 1958 MULLARD BLACKBURN 12AU7 long grey plates, goalpost getter, K61/B8F
    7. 1958 Beckman Heerlen 7316 Long plate foil D getter Ct0
    8. 1961 Miniwatt Suresnes ECC81
    9. 1955 & 1956 MULLARD BLACKBURN 12AT7 Square getter, TK1/B5J & TK1/B6D
    10. 1967? Mazda Blackburn ECC81 Vf3 B7C3
    11. Brimar 13D9
    12. 50s RCA 12AU7 Long black plates, angled square getter
    13. 40s Tung Sol 6C8G
    14. 1959 Telefunken 6211 steel pin
    15. WE 2C51
    16. 1967 Foton 6n3p
    17. 1964 RT Suresnes 5814
    18. Tung Sol 2C51
    19. 1967 Valvo Mitcham 6201 gold pins
    20. Bugle Boy 7062 PW
    21. Valvo ECC82

    6DJ8 Types:
    Valvo ECC88 (3)
    60's Reflektor 6N23P
    Sylvania 6922 Gold pins (2pr)
    RCA (Mullard) ECC88
    1965 Mullard ECC88
    Brimar E88CC Gold pin
    RCA 6BQ7
    Philips PCC88
    1974 Voskhod 6N23P Getter on the wire
    Westinghouse Heerlen ECC88
    Admiral 6BZ7
    Willow ECC804

    6SL7 Types:
    1942 WE VT229
    Raytheon 6SL7GT Chrome top, round plate
    Sylvania Ampeg 6SL7GT
    RCA 6SC7
    National Union 6SC7
    60's 6N9S
    Tung Sol 6SL7GT Tall bottle, tiny plate (4pr)
    GE 7F7 VT-189
    RCA 6SL7GT Tall bottle coin base
    Sylvania 6SL7GT
    Sylvania 7F7 Black round plate
    GE JAN 6SL7GT Silver plate (2pr)
    Mullard 7F7
    Philco 7F7
    1983 6N9S
    50'a/60's Melz 6N9S Metal base
    Ken Rad 6SL7GT

    5670 Types:
    Sylvania 5670 (5)
    RCA (GE) 5670 (2pr)
    RCA Command 5670
    1972 Vinizza 6N3P (3pr)
    60's Foton 6N3P (2pr)
    RCA JAN (5)
    Philips JAN
    WE 2C51 (2pr)
    Tung Sol 2C51 (2pr)
    80's 6N3P-I (2pr)
    1980 6N3P-EV (2pr)
    6N3P-E (2pr)
    GE JG 5670
    1970's Reflector 6N3P-E (2pr)

    6C8G Types:
    40's Tung Sol
    1945 Marconi
    RCA Meatball
    National Union
    1948 National Union
    Ken Rad

    12AU7 Types:
    1958 MULLARD BLACKBURN 12AU7 long plates, goalpost getter K61
    1958 MULLARD MITCHUM 12AU7 long plate, goalpost getter, K61
    1964 RT Suresnes, FR 5814
    59/60 Valvo Hamburg ECC82 angled getter short plate (3pr)
    1962 Telefunken ECC82 smooth plates
    RCA clear top 12AU7A (2pr)
    Siemens Munchen ECC82 chrome plate
    1959 Telefunken Ulm 6211
    1959 Valvo Heerlen ECC82
    Siemens Munchen ECC82 3x mica
    Siemens Munchen ECC82
    Tung Sol 5814
    50s RCA 12AU7 Long black plates, angled square getter
    1974 Motorola (RCA) 5963
    Tung Sol 12AU7
    66/67 Miniwatt Heerlen ECC82
    H-6189 RT Suresnes, FR
    1958 Valvo Hamburg ECC82 Long plate angled getter
    1959 Philips Heerlen 7316 short plate D getter
    1958 Beckman Heerlen 7316 Long plate foil D getter
    1960 Valvo Heerlen ECC82
    1965 Valvo Heerlen ECC82
    Philips ECC82
    1958 Mullard Micham goal post O getter

    12AT7 Types:
    55/56 MULLARD BLACKBURN 12AT7 Square getter Tk1
    1959 MULLARD MITCHUM 12AT7 "Cossor" D getter Tk1
    1966 Valvo Hamburg 6201 gold pins
    1967 Valvo Mitcham 6201 gold pins
    1951 Telefunken Munchen 12AT7 VF4
    1960 Telefunken 12AT7 angled O getter
    1961 Miniwatt Suresnes, FR 12AT7 Tk2
    Mazda ECC81 (3)
    Ken Rad 12AT7
    1964 Mullard ECC81 Tk3
    RCA 6201
    Mazda Blackburn ECC81 Vf3
    Brimar 13D9 (2pr)
    1957 Mullard Blackburn square getter Tk1
    1959 Mullard Mitcham square getter Tk1

    7062 Types:
    1958 Bugle Boy Heerlen pinched waist IV0 (3)
    1959 Bugle Boy Heerlen pinched waist IV2
    1963 Amperex Heerlen 7062 1V3
    1963 Amperex Heerlen 7062 1V3
    1952 Amperex New York 7062 1V8


    WTB Pairs: ECC81 Blackburn Vf3; Tung Sol 12A*7WA; Mullard 12AU7 k61 square getter (R);
    WHYTELEAFE CV4024 650 (single)
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