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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. OldRoadToad
    In the past week I have ordered from my local Narnes & Boble several vinyl albums and CDs. Today I ordered two CDs and one vinyl record from them. All three are by the late, great and way under rated vocalist, Johnny Hartman.

    "I Just Dropped by To Say Hello" - CD & Vinyl (because I want both!)

    "Collection: 1947 to 1972" - CD

    I've got some Ella Fitzgerald on the way too and earlier I was listening to a group from the 70s (on vinyl) called "Smokie". Good pop/rock. None of it is Mofo Quisling ASSimilated. FTN.

    I despise elitist turdlings trying to make me kowtow to their facist frAudiophile ways. Yeah...I have a head ache. I probably deserve it too, LOL!


    El Posto Scripto - And Schiit's refusal to join that Tidal Bowl turdfest owned by that cretinously talent less slob Jay Z, is yet another reason I will support Schiit when I want to give some one some audio equipment of worth from America. FTN the foo foo of Tidal Bowl (Bowel?) and MQA.
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  2. DoubleIPA
    C'mon Toad, tell us how you really feel. :p
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  3. Snowpuppy77
    This sounds like a good day. I still much prefer physical media over streaming or JRiver. Tidal helps me discover new music to buy. Always love a new record day. Today I was at Half Price Books and found a LP box set of this album:


    It is a box with 2 LPs and a book. It was used for $2.99. But both vinyl LPs are in mint condition! After wet vacuum cleaning it was as quiet as any LP I have. It may be the best orchestral recording in my collection. I am amazed by its clarity, soundstage, and wonderful instrumental tones. Brasses have great tone and definition without fatigue or glare. Listening to it on the Raggy with my HD800S.
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  4. DoubleIPA
    Has Jason had a chapter recently? That last I heard he was helping out in customer service.
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  5. Zojokkeli
    I work at a factory producing Mercedes-Benzes. It's a logistics nightmare.
  6. GearMe
    The Half Price Books I go to are definitely worth spending time in for music as well...great pricing and selection. Also, the ones close to Universities have a great variety of books...obviously! :)
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  7. OldRoadToad

    I really should listen to classical music a bit more as when I met my wife she was involved in ballet and very much enjoyed that genre of music. Now she just watches TV or tunes in talk radio but that is her choice and I used to listen to talk radio a lot a couple of decades ago. I have tried listening to one of SiriusXM's classical stations and found it relaxing and enjoyable. Right now I am listening to some Bossa Nova out of Brazil (internet radio). For me it's kinda like Bluegrass in that I enjoy it for a couple of hours and then it's back to either traditional Jazz, Jazz and Pop vocalists, traditional Country (my younger brother calls most of what is on the radio these days "Hick-Hop" - I agree) or the 50s through the 80s.

    I found my V-Moda M-80 Vocal 'phones. I bought them for my daughter but she desired wire less (which I gave her for Christmas) and they are quite attractive in a feminine sort of design/color. They came with a nice case. I found the case and the 'phones were inside! Go figure... :ksc75smile: They look highlarious on my fat head but do not get hot like my Audio-Technicas. There are no Half-Price Books in my area as of the moment. I have gotten to know several of the nice folk that work at my local Narnes & Boble and even joined their membership because of their enthusiasm and kindness toward me.

    As for Schiit, I will wait for the return of SchwartzHalla 2 and see if I can afford one at that time. I like the looks. A lot! I suppose I could use the analog out puts form the Emotiva XDA-2 to feed the SchwartzHalla 2...:L3000:

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  8. Snowpuppy77
    My girlfriend at college, now wife, gave me Bach Brandenburg concertos for me to listening to while I did my engineering homework . I found that it drounded out the noise in dorm and did not distract me from doing homework. In fact the music seems to elevate my thinking and improved my ability to concentrate. After listening to it maybe a dozen times it all came together and all the musical lines and melodies made sense and its brilliance was unveiled. I became a huge fan of Bach's music after that and have slowly over the years began to like other classical composers. The genre is very diverse and sometimes it is a matter of finding what works for you. Also it is not always instantly accessible but takes some listening investment before you are rewarded. Kind of like a good progressive rock album.

    Half Price Books is good but there are other places where I live, Omaha, that have even more records and CDs. Lot's of record stores in Omaha now which is pretty amazing as its seemed like they were going away. My favorite record store in Omaha is Homers. Great vinyl selection and very appropriately priced. I have found many gems there. By the way it is good to see you getting some high quality cans for your daughter. I am hoping that at least one of my 4 kids picks up the hi fi hobby.
  9. RCBinTN
    Nice story. Both music and engineering are all about math.
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  10. aamefford
    Classical music can definitely help with engineering homework. I have it on good authority that engineering studies and homework, when read or solved out loud, can help one’s spouse overcome insomnia.
  11. Delirious Lab
    Not so with classical music - at least not the kind listen to. It can keep my spouse awake between short fits of nightmares for the entire night.
  12. oryan_dunn
    I'd get an aluminum one for my Sys.
  13. Snowpuppy77
    I would buy an aluminum shell for my Mani in a heart beat. Would match the rest of my Schiit much better.
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  14. bosiemoncrieff
    Would the Eitr chassis fit a Mani?
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  15. wink
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