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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Alcophone
    Should he do that (he won't), I'm sure he'll gladly facilitate an exchange/retrofit for a modest fee :wink:
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  2. wink
    I have it on good scientific authority that this element (as well as all it's derivatives) are extremely reactive to the human nasal orifices and the nerve endings contained therein.
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  3. barondla
    Years ago had a Denon in dash car CD player. It had a novel way of changing the lighting color. The detachable face came apart and the little lamps were covered with slip on colored condoms. The color change kit had a bunch of colors. The choices were great. All red, orange, blue, green, white or combinations. I set up a red, white, and blue faceplate. Can't imagine a company building a $500 product these days and encouraging customers to disassemble and modify it. This did not void the warranty and was so cool. Best sounding car CD player I ever heard. Someone needs to make color condoms for leds!
  4. FLTWS
    The white lettering with the silver knob on a black case has a formal, tuxedo-like vibe, very crisp, attention getting. Had Schiit offered that finish combo option from the start on all their offerings
    I probably would have gone that route. I would have been willing to pay a little more too. I mean, if I was willing to spend $2,400.00 for a Yggdrasil is $100.00 more for a finish I'd prefer
    really a deal breaker? But waiting for a one-off here and there just didn't appeal, nor did mix and match as I was just getting into the HP scene since 2-channel was no longer an option for me
    and I wanted to listen more than look.
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  5. GearMe
    Ha cha cha cha...
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  6. OldRoadToad

    An intredasting article over at wallofsound.ca on the Jil pictured above with a *AHEM* couple of tubes primitively photochopped. Here are his closing statements regarding this -

    Summing up

    I think the highest compliment I can pay the JIL is that it is the perfect audio servant. It works well and is almost forgettable, in a good way. I’m sure there are better audiophile grade A to D converters out there, but I’d bet they start at many multiples of the JIL’s $199 US price. I consider the JIL an audiophile-grade product too, in a good way. The only thing is, it’s not twitchy and tweaky enough for a neurotic like me. A tube or two would remedy that.

    Gives me an idea what the Vali of the Toad would look like. I call it that as a kinda sorta play on the title of a film from many years ago I watched whilst baby sitting, "Valley of the Dolls". It was decades ago and was not too engaging back then and less so now. Maybe. I do not really know as I have not seen it since. But to be honest, the reason a young toad watched the film was that many of the womenz featured their own version of TwiinTube PoweR®...:beerchug: I had the sound turned down and the reel to reel playing (again) "All Things Must Pass".

    This Jil has me intrigued but I see no reason for me to own one as I listen to my vinyl because it is comforting in a tactile and sonic way and there are the memories of playing records as a yoot to take in to accout. Other wise I have no need to digitizeify any thing for archival purposes. If a Jil could be used to take an analog signal and immediately feed it to a DAC to decode it (getting around the need for another phono preamp, then I might be intredasted in it. Though a Jil, being a feminine name would benefit greatly from TTP® Technology. Looks matter, don'tcha know.

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  7. Derrick Swart
    One size fits all!
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  8. Ragnar-BY
    I wonder if the market of tube microphone preamps is also overpriced, like the 2ch tube preamps were before Saga and Freya.
  9. OldRoadToad
    I just went to the Schiit site and upon trying to order a Valhalla 2 in black found that Schwartz is no longer listed as a finish and the "regular", i.e., silver finish Valhalla is on back order!

    Hmmmm...Not (yet?) meant to be.

  10. rkw
    The way it is done now is with RGB LEDs that can emit any color in the spectrum, and the color is selectable in a setting. For example, skip to 0:30 in this video (the audio track is irrelevant and you may want to mute):

    Personally I care more about brightness than color. To cover all bases, it is possible use an RGB LED and make both color and brightness selectable through firmware.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
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  11. Letmebefrank
    The pioneer head unit in my chrysler has RGBs and I was able to make them match the strange greenish color of the other interior lights, so now it looks like it was OE to a casual observer.
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  12. Jones Bob
    I want tubes that glow green.
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  13. theveterans
    ^ Buy McIntosh 275 integrated amp
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  14. Jones Bob
    What tubes does McIntosh use that glow green? :deadhorse:

    Ahhh... I see that the reissue MC275 have now added green LEDs to the base of input tubes.

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
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  15. OldRoadToad
    Nice looking but that's more than I would or could pay for a boom with no VU. :ksc75smile:

    The green lighting is sweet.


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