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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Some people even upgrade themselves as their perception improves as they learn to listen better. [​IMG] IMO, experience has value.
  2. ben_r_
    I just waited until I found a killer deal for a like new, fully loaded one on eBay and started right at the top for a lot less money. I ended up getting mine for $425 shipped and it was three months old with the Schiit sales receipt.
  3. TEH725
    I had the (non-USB) non-uber for more than a year, then installed the uber.  For me, it was not a subtle difference.  One of the best bang for buck upgrades I've done in audio.
  4. Amlalsulami
    Guys i have Bifrost with Lyr 2 and the source of music AK120,
    So i plug the Optical cable into Bifrost Optical In and the other side of Optical cable i plug it into AK120 Optical Out and it can't be play 192Khz !! The limit is 176.4Khz, Why? Is the problem from my cable ( I have optical cable a cheap one )
    The Bifrost and AK120 can handle to play up to192Khz
  5. ben_r_

    Is the source file a 192KHz file?
  6. Amlalsulami
    Yeah it is 192Khz
  7. ben_r_

    Hmm.... maybe run the Bifrost from your computer via USB and play the 192KHz file from there to ensure that the Bifrost is taking it okay so you can make sure the Bifrost isnt the one having the issue.
  8. Amlalsulami
    But i try 192Khz with Optical cable it's works with my Macbook Audirvana+
  9. madwolfa
    It's either cable or source. 192 is fussy with optical.
  10. Amalz
    I need a best Toslink cable for my Bifrost and ak120, What you suggest for me?

  11. SuperU
    I'm narrowing my choices down, but it's only my 2nd post here, so go easy please. :)
    I've got $1000ish to spend (I keep round this upward. lol) And for that amount I need to get Headphones, amp and dac.
    Will be producing backing music and some dance stuff. And am working in a small office alone.
    This will be used on my iMac. This is a link to the exact model:
    Considering getting the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 OHM headphones ($350)  I don't think I need a fully closed can as there is nothing much to bleed into.
    Along with the Bitfrost Uber with USB option ($519)
    And Asgard 2 ($249)
    This puts me a little over budget, but still doable. 
    Any thoughts or suggestions. Am I spending my $1k well? Or is there a better combination you would recommend?
  12. SuperU
    Trying this again. Just tried posting here but it went off into nothingness I guess because I linked to the exact model of computer I use via apple's help forum. So this one doesn't have the link, hopefully it will show up.
    This is only my second post, so go easy on me. :)
    Ok, so here is what I'm considering.

    I can spend around $1000.00ish. And with that, I need to buy a new pair of headphones, a new amp and DAC.
    All this needs to work with my mid 2011 27 in. iMac. I'll be producing music in my little studio. New age and dance combo. 

    I'm strongly considering the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 OHM headphones. I think as far as phones goes, the semi open will be fine as there is little for them to bleed into and I have a nice quiet environment. 

    Alrighty. I'm considering going with the Bitfrost Uber with USB option for my DAC.

    And the Asgard 2 for the amp.

    This goes $100 over my budget but is still doable.
    Is it overkill to go with the Bitfrost with Uber/Asgard 2 vs the M&M route? I've spent several hours reading and still can't quite answer it. I think the Uber upgrade may give a significant advantage to the Bitfrost. 
    Is this how you would spend $1100? Or would you do something different?
  13. Billheiser
    You won't regret uber Bifrost + Asgard 2 if you can swing it.  M/M is good and recommended if you can't right now.
  14. SuperU
    I can swing it - hurts a little, but maybe better to stomach a little pain now vs. regret later. [​IMG]  If it makes a big difference - a $570 difference, I'll do it.
    Hey, maybe you know the answer to this... since I'm using this with my iMac, I assume I need the USB addon feature. And when using this, will I have to switch my sound source every time I want to hear my speakers vs. using the amp/headphones?
  15. Billheiser
    USB - yes, get it.
    Sound source - no, no problem, don't have to switch sound outputs. Just unplug your headphones and you'll be listening to the speakers.
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