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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Billheiser

    $6.  Treat all the LED's on your Schitt, tv, microwave, clock radio, router, etc.  Done.
  2. Liu Junyuan
    I'm going to consolidate this post with the next one by replying to both below.
    You are correct; to displace responsibility on the consumer is poor business. Schiit, however, is renowned for outstanding, indeed superb customer service. The problem with your post is that you've assumed that the light is actually considered a "problem," as if it were not 1) intentionally designed that way by Schiit and 2) others would not appreciate its brightness. I love the light as it is, bright and authoritative, Schiit style.
    Slow down. Schiit hasn't caught up to you that this is even a problem at all. They don't consider it a problem, so it's logical it wouldn't be addressed.
    My final comment is related to your situation of sleeping in the same room as the Schiit products. There is no disadvantage to turning the amp/dac off before you go to sleep. These pieces of gear do not come automatically turned on, nor do they stay on all the time outside of human control; it is possible to turn them off. If you turn the DAC and the amp off while they are in the same bedroom as you, from what I can gather the lights, which I consider beautiful and you consider atrocious, will turn off. Or maybe your Schiit gear has some sort of demonic possession in them, perhaps a ghost, that renders them incapable of schitting off their lights when you turn them off. If that is the case, pm me, and I'll take them back to China with me and sell them for hundreds of thousands of yuan...
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  3. StanD
    Sunglasses work for me. I should get a nicer pair.
  4. Liu Junyuan

    Indeed. Those seem like they would accentuate rather than attenuate brightness.
  5. StanD
    I must have had my eyes shut. Hmm, I thought that I was doing something wrong.
  6. Liu Junyuan

  7. StanD
    I should have known better, the product had all sorts of rediculous claims, like:
    Improved Soundstage
    Greater details
    Better PRaT
    Allows one to see through clothes. [​IMG]
  8. forkliftHIFI
    When I had all my gear in my bedroom I just got a roll of orange price tag stickers and stuck them over all the LED's.  It had the added advantage of turning the lights red which is the least distracting in low light conditions.  The light on my bifrost and other gear paled in comparison to the annoyingness of the super bright LED 'ring' on the volume control of my cheap topping amp.  No way to put a sticker over that annoying thing.  
  9. ben_r_
    Jeez.... The LEDs are fine.
  10. Nirvanaphonic
    Well this just shows how picky some people can be [​IMG] I love Schiit products and I am glad they are constantly evolving. Does the Schiit Bifrost come with the USB board by default, or only for upgrade?
  11. Billheiser

    Without, and can have that input added as an option.
  12. genclaymore

    Amazon some times have B-stock or bifrost used cheap if your in the usa.
  13. Nirvanaphonic
    I have been checking around for used gear and I read that Audiogon had good **** but I never can find anything on there. It seems that that website is not used by many people due to the lack of items for sale on it. Other than here and there, what other forums or websites are recommended for used audio gear?
  14. genclaymore

    some times ebay.
  15. forkliftHIFI
    Random update from me.  I have been running the Bifrost Uber via USB from my XBMC powered media box.  I also got a new TV on which I run netflix, since full on netflix/linux compatibility is not quite here yet.  Analog out from the TV to my preamp is not so good so I ordered an S/PDIF cable to hook the TV to the Bifrost.  Has anyone noticed a difference in quality between the SPDIF and USB inputs on the Bifrost?  Would I be better to run my media box audio through HDMI to the TV and then via SPDIF to the bifrost?  Not really a huge deal it would just save me from having to get up and walk across the room to switch between audio inputs.  
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