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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Tuco1965
    Just a note that the Bifrost is not a multi channel input through spdif or any input for that matter.  No Dolby Digital, just 2 channel.
  2. Byrnie
    madwolfa StanD


    Even the guy who created the Wyrd thinks it changes the sound for the better.
  3. BobJS
    That was quite a read.  Almost makes me want to believe .......
  4. Byrnie
    All I know is what I hear and it appears there are many who agree with me.
  5. forkliftHIFI
    I'm digging the Bifrost so much that I kind of which I had got a Gungnir now [​IMG]
    My original plan was to get the Bifrost to hold me over till the Yggy was released but being honest with myself I don't think I'll be able to drop that kinda coin for awhile if ever.  
  6. Byrnie
    Yea I plan to do the same next year.
  7. StanD
    I still don't buy into this. This technology is simple enough to understand, so there's no reason. If anyone enjoys the product, that's fine with me, it's not a wallet buster so have fun. If it ran a grand would you still open your wallet for it? [​IMG]
  8. madwolfa
    I can bet my money there are people who would.
  9. StanD
    I know a Wild Cat that did, buy one. He's happy, especially since it didn't run a grand.
  10. Byrnie
    Of course I wouldn't but I wanted to show you two that I'm not the only who thought it changed the sound, and for the better
  11. cyberridz
    Wondering if there is anyone here who has done extensive testing or A/B-ing between the Schiit Bifrost and the Schiit Bifrost Uber? I have read many comments on the Uber, but nobody has actually done any objective testing between the two as many of the comments seem to be biased on the fact that they have upgraded to the Uber and ONLY the Uber sounds good? It is my understanding that the more resolving a DAC is, the more bright it would sound? Would anyone have anything to say on this matter here on Head-Fi?
    Is the Uber actually worth the money (compared to the base, non-Uber Bifrost)? And if so, how big are the differences between the two - in terms of resolution and sound signature (highs/mids/bass)? As different sounding DACs would complement different headphones or amps differently, depending on their inclination or "affinity" to a particular sound signature (i.e. warm or bright vs. dark)? As some bright headphones are better paired with a darker amp, etc...
  12. kothganesh
    ^.  I installed the USB board and the Uber Analog. The USB implementation is much better, a la Gungnir. The Uber installation removed some of the graininess that I experienced with the original Bifrost. There was also a slight increase in the deepening and the 3-D nature of the SQ. All IME of course.
  13. cyberridz
    In your opinion, how much of a percentage of a sound quality increase was there? Was it justified to spend that extra money? The main reason why I ask this is that I recently bought the base (non-Uber Bifrost) and am wondering whether I should have spent the extra money on the full Uber package. Thanks.
  14. kothganesh
    I'm saying yes. In this hobby, upgrades like these makes one appreciate more nuances and subtleties in the music that were not heard before. It's not a step function if you know what I mean. And further more, highly revealing HPs like the HD 800 become that more enjoyable to listen to. As is commonly known, better upstream gear always brings out the best in good HPs. And it also reveals lousy recordings; I am now methodically upgrading my source music.
  15. atrax
    Do anyone use the bifrost with linux ? It works ? What distribution are you using ?
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