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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. SuperU
    Apparently my iMac's sound out port is also optical. So, looks like I could use that. I didn't realize that.
    Which would be better? USB or the headphone jack which I guess doubles as an optical output?
  2. hodgjy
    I could hear no difference between optical, coax, and usb on my Bifrost Uber.
    Do you have Gen 2 usb on your bifrost?
    In the end it doesn't matter, but optical may sound cleaner because it doesn't have an electrical connection with your computer, which may carry background noise.  However, optical has lower bandwidth than usb, which may cause some problems if you have high rez 24/192 files.
  3. SuperU
    I plan on ordering it tomorrow. Should I order with the USB option? Saves $100 not to add that. But if it is worth it, I will.
  4. hodgjy
    Is $100 a big deal to you?
    Do you have high rez files that need the full usb bandwidth?
    Will you always have a Mac with optical out?
    Answer those questions and you'll know whether to buy it or not.  I hear no difference, and I typically use optical to keep electrical isolation between devices. 
  5. Billheiser
    I didn't know (for sure) that the iMac had that optical out. Makes sense tho - my apple Airport Express also has that dual
    Function in the mini jack connector.
    So u can do without the USB function if you like. I agree with the other poster, the optical and the USB (and the coax) inputs on the Bifrost sound equally good to me.
  6. shortcuttomonct
    Mac OS cannot output audio at greater than 24/96 via optical.  May not be an issue to you, just sayin.
  7. atrax
    I received my Bifrost/Uber usb two days ago. After few tests I finaly handle to make it works fine on my debian (minimal install).
    Perhaps it can help someone so I explain you how what I do to make it run.
    First I remove all my audio packages (both pulse and alsa) with purge and autoremove.
    Then, I install alsa (alsa-base ; alsa-utils ; alsa-oss (?) ; alsamixergui ; libasound2 )
    After that I create a ~.asoundrc file with :
    pcm.!default {
            type hw
            card 1
    ctl.!default {
          type hw
          card 1
    You can find the card number with command : aplay -l
    I'm using MusicOnConsole (moc)for listenning my music, its very light, simple and it look great after a little color configuration.
    So in the ~./moc/config file I uncomment the line : Allow24bitOutput and put the value at yes :D
    Before doing that the bifrost always being in Altset 1 with Format S16_LE (you can see that when taping : cat /proc/asound/card1/stream0 when playing music) and my 24/192 files sounds very bad.
    And its all.
    So I think I am now in "bitperfect" mode :
    - Can't move the volume in alsamixer or moc (always at 00)
    - Can't play 2 sounds flow at the same time (per example when running moc I can't play song with youtube)
    - No resampling ( I'm not 100% sure about that but the command cat /proc/asound/card1/stream0 always gives me the good sample rate and the sample option was quoted in moc...)
    The bifrost sounds very great compare to my dx50 : more lively soud, more impact, a wider soundstage... Very happy with it.
    Enjoy !
  8. Cobaltius
    Okay, I've probably asked this at least 7 times, and asked a few people about this. But How does the Bifrost Uber compare to the Modi? Will I expect a slightly smoother and detailed sound? 
    Just trying to get different perspectives here!
  9. lekoross
    New to HiFi and looking for a DAC for HD650's.

    Modi 2 uber = $150
    Bifrost uber = $519

    Could someone explain in layman's terms the almost $400 difference between these two DACs?
  10. StanD
    IMO, the differences will not be Earth shatterring but more subtle and many will not be able to tell the difference. I have a Bifrost Uber as my main DAC. I needed another DAC for a differnent room at home where my listening will be less critical, so I just ordered a Modi 2 Uber. I don't expect to hear a $400 difference. I expect that some folks will swear that you must spend thousands on a DAC, I won't Bull Schiit you into resolutions and anecdotes that require SNR's beyond what is actually recorded and so on. If you want to hear a big difference, IMO play with headphones. At the end of the day, I think I'll be very pleased with the Modi 2 Uber, which should be delivered to my waiting hands later this week.
    Edit: Of course one can find crappy products, which I exclude from my opinions.
  11. abinhk

    I use a Bifrost w Gen2 USB (non Uber) + Asgard 2 to drive my HD650s. The sound is phenomenal. I planned to upgrade the analog board to Uber earlier but the sound is so good I'm hesitant to change anything.
  12. crazychile

    I went from a Modi to a Bifrost Uber USB and it made a significant difference, especially in the area of retrieving low level detail. As a point of comparison, a few weeks before that upgrade I went from a Vali amp to a Lyr 2. The differences there were  slight except for a bit more gain. I was using AKG 702s at the time.

  13. lekoross
    Ok, but what about the Modi 2 uber vs. Bifrost uber?
  14. ben_r_
    Your answer was up there man. Save your money, buy the cheaper option first. If for some reason you feel its lacking, sell it and try the next up. Continue until youre satisfied. Thats all everyone does.
  15. StanD
    My modi 2 Uber just arrived yesterday. Last night I spent a few hours glued to it and I can say that it's very impressive. If one has limited cash to spend, I'd get the modi 2 Uber and put the rest of my money on a good set of cans, if I didn't already have one. HD600's come to mind, which is what I was listening with last night. I'm still keeping my Bifrost Uber USB2. I'm keeping both.
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