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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Byrnie
    Yes and detail retrieval was the first thing I noticed when I made my jump to the Bifrost Uber.
  2. Sam21
    what cable do you recommend out of these two cables for a Bifrost Uber + Magni 2 Uber stack ?
    the pyst cable 
    the AudioQuest EverGreens : http://www.audioquest.com/bridges-falls/evergreen
  3. Billheiser
  4. Bothand Nether
    Just finished hooking up an Uber Bifrost (USB & Analog) that I got new/other off of ebay,
    & I sure appreciate all of the info You folx have provided here for us bifrost-curious types.
    As a home studio owner, my needs have always been more towards the analytical & transparent components,
    as opposed to the musical and colored ones.
    The weakest link in my current setup was the monitor/source controller, a behringer product that absolutely sucked.
    I was on the fence between the bifrost or the peachtree DAC-ITx, but there are two things I value even more than sonic transparency/accuracy,
    & they are dependability & customer service.
    I was raised w/out a TV so I actually read all 85 pages of this thread,
    & it is pretty apparent to me that Schiit has addressed prettymuch
    every issue that has been posted in the front end of this thread.
    This speaks volumes to me, as a professional musician that spends more on gear than vehicles.
    My unit (revision E printed on the manual) barely gets warm, and the LED is actually one of the dimmest LEDs in My studio.
    My gear is powered by furman ar1215 power conditioners (an industry standard in most studios)
    & since I work & play from home I will leave this unit on all the time.
    I'll post my impressions once I've had some time to adjust to it/burn it in,
    but My initial impressions are that I am quite pleased with how revealing it is on My own recordings.
    It has brought out many details (some to my dismay) in the highs and mids especially.
    I am running it optically from My asus Sabertooth motherboard into an older Woo WA3+ into either
    Event Tria 2.1 reference monitors or yamaha p-2200 > Yamaha NS-10m speakers,
    or from the Woo headphone out into NOS unmodded AKG K-340 cans.
    I listened to my own music, and also some compact discs (through a Buffalo Media Station)
    & watched The Fifth Element as well.
    -but the real clincher was playing guitar through a Kemper KPA profiling guitar amplifier.
    The clarity & detail has improved greatly, to put it mildly.
    I have a custom PC with the most powerful GFX card currently out, and it has more fans on it than is reasonable.
    (It's in a sound-proof enclosure) so the optical connection won out over the uber usb.
    Although I don't subscribe to most snake-oil beliefs, I did actually notice the difference between the uber USB
    and the optical input, the optical was slightly quieter, imo.
    Again, thanx to everybody that contributed to this and the other half dozen bifrost threadz.
  5. crazychile

     The thing I noticed was that the really low level detail became more obvious.
  6. Zulkr9
    I have the schiit uber without the usb card, I have noticed weird popping sounds and artifacts, no it is not the popping sound that is made when it changes sample rate, its a weird cracking/ popping noise when I play back music
  7. StanD
    Did you try it with a different source device?
  8. Tuco1965
    Also try a different interconnect cable.
  9. Zulkr9
    I am using my pc optical out 
  10. StanD
    So now try a different optical source to eliminate or verify the PC as the source of the noise. Also swap the cable as Tuco pointed out.
    Byrnie likes this.
  11. Tuco1965
    Just another thought is about the sample rate.  Some times optical has a hard time with higher sample rates.  
  12. lekoross
    Anyone have some firsthand knowledge of the SQ differences between the Uber Bifrost and the new Uber Modi 2?
  13. mikescchen
    Just received my Uber upgrade today, for the last board was lost somewhere in Indianapolis by FedEx.
    The bad weather is the blame, I guess!
    Schiit and FedEx arranged to send another one.
    I'm so far surprised by the difference that Uber makes.
    Everything is more resolved, bass is more controlled and give (slightly) more punch.
    Have to find a cable that fits the system, and call it my end-game system then!
    Byrnie likes this.
  14. jarrett
    I guess this is the official Bifrost thread :p
    Would the Bifrost be a clear upgrade over my HRT microStreamer?
    I'm looking for something with its own power supply, stereo RCA, USB async and under $500
  15. jarrett
    How was this upgrade for you? I'm also coming from an HRT microStreamer
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