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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2008.
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  1. Skullbox
    Humm... thanks! This is the less expensive in the lineup? iPiko is maybe the best move for my w4e phone!? ...
  2. heliuscc
    I have a second hand mustang in the classifieds that I can send worldwide from UK as necessary, if that helps?
  3. Skullbox
    Thanks, ur so kind! :wink:
  4. heliuscc
    Very very good price mister!
  5. CalvinXC
    Interested in getting this little beast, have anyone had problem paring it with very sensitive IEM like the 535? Is there any hiss?
  6. HeadphoneAddict Contributor

    Never had any hiss from it, even with my ES3X that hiss with everything.  P-51 is a fantastic sounding portable with anything.
  7. CalvinXC
    Still awaiting the seller to process the purchase, hope I can get it ASAP. I sent RSA an email and they did tell me they are tested with 530/535 as well and with no hiss at all. :D
  8. Joelc87
    No hissing here and I'm using Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors, which are probably some of the touchiest earphones out there.
  9. dryvadeum
    Hey guys, just bought a P51 off the classifieds here. I charged it last night for about 3 hrs from dead and turned it on this morning and only got about 5 mins out of it before it died again.

    Do I need to turn the amount on when its plugged into the wall socket to charge it? Or does it need more than a few hours to fully charge? Not sure how long the previous owner used it for.
  10. jamato8 Contributor

    If dead when you got it, it could be that the battery is pretty much gone. Did the indicator change that it was charging or was it still showing that it was charging? You can always contact Ray at RSA. 
  11. dryvadeum

    Hey thanks for replying. My charger doesn't have an indicator light or anything. I charged it for a good 15 hrs the other day and only managed to squeeze maybe 3-4 hrs of playback out of it before it died. I think the battery is cactus.

    I wonder how much Ray charges for a new battery?
  12. TienV1125
    hello everyone. nod question.   Can i drive a LCD 3 with the P51 at all?.
  13. liamstrain
    My P51 will drive my LCD 2.2's just fine, even on low gain. So I expect so. 
  14. Mach3
    How did you go with the cost of replacing the battery?
  15. xxxfbsxxx
    he did not go with replacing process, the amp was mine and he sent it back

    he claimed 4 hours under high gain 25%vol drive philips x2

    i did another test, charged for around 5 hours then fed from sony x lineout drive v-moda m80,low gain, 50% vol(almost too loud for normal listen-as some one mentioned above even lcd2 only needs low gain) and it lasted for more than 12 hours before completely turned off

    Not sure is it normal to have such huge difference between high vs low gain battery life
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