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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2008.
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  1. Mach3

    Sound right, at high gain it 3x louder than low gain so it make sense that it only last three time less.
  2. session76
    Does Ray still replace the batteries on these amps?
  3. Bigdog33
    Can any one point me to a replacement charger?  I seem to have misplaced mine after moving...
  4. jk47
    have you tried contacting rsa?
  5. Jmop
    If anyone’s lookin to sell shoot me a pm.
  6. labrat
    Mine is more than 7 years old, still runs 48 hours on Medium with material being played to Shure IEMs.
    There is no indicator on the unit that tells you it is charging, or finished.
    So I leave it charging overnight when necessary.
    Was thinking of selling it, but tested and found I will keep this!
    I believe it can be opened with a bit of fiddling, only problem seems it is being glued together also.
    A battery should be possible to get when that time comes.
  7. Jmop
    Just thought I'd throw this thread a bump. For those looking for a versatile amp with no noise, I can't recommend this one enough. I have heard a good handful of amps and this is definitely a favorite of mine. I think what really sets it apart is the imaging. The soundstage coherence is simply outstanding. It might not win awards for instrument separation or soundstage width, but it is indeed no slouch in these regards. By comparison, the Apex Glacier sounds wider but less filling in the soundstage, giving the Mustang an impression of being more natural. The Shadow has better separation but hisses and sounds flatter in soundstage, giving the Mustang an edge in that 3D feel. Simply put, the Mustang makes music sound the way it should.
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  8. Jmop
    Has anyone compared the Mustang to the Vorzuge Pure II/+?
  9. Mad Max
    The bass on this little thing half-way sounds like it has a discrete buffer dedicated to just the bass.
    Treble doesn't sound as good in the low gain compared to the mid and high gain settings, is that normal?

    There seems to be something special about Mustang x Sennheisers, I think. There's something special about the Mustang's sound signature with Rhodes pianos, too, oh baby!
  10. luckybaer
    Ahh... memories... I have a Hornet "M" and the Mustang. Excellent amps. I think I'll dig them out and run an RCA-Mini cable from Gumby to the input jacks and see how they sound fed by a dedicated source (instead of iPhone/iPod).
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