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RSA MUSTANG P-51 . little amp BIG sound . image 1, 28, 30, 55, 59, 61 Reviews, 30, 34 . Post images . Monitors pg 1

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2008.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    Well I have seen comments on this amp but it is not concentrated anywhere, yet. It appears from what I have read that it may rattle the concept of a portable, let alone a tiny portable with regards to sound quality. It does present a very intriguing image, both visually and quantitatively with its minimum pocket filling size.

    I look forward to more impressions.

    10 22 08

    Well I had to get more information. I envy those who got to see and listen to the new amp at the recent Los Angeles show.

    The gain settings are, 2, 6 and 11, with a switch on board accessed from top, lithium ion, 60 hours of playback, 250mA output for each channel. The size is 1/2 inch shorter than the TH. There are two 50uf caps one for the + and -, which means your real reserve is in the battery. 200 units for Christmas with a special price below the $375 that it will sell for.



    Most all of the colors you have seen on Ray's site should be available. This is fun stuff!

    The P-51 is the same thickness as the Predator, about 3mm narrower and 15mm shorter.

    The P-51 is about 18mm thick, 58mm long and 45mm wide. The length excludes the volume control that is 8mm in length and 8mm in width.

    Headphones considered by HeadFi members to have a good synergy with the Mustang P-51: started Dec. 12 with the recommendation of Germania

    Audio Technica ESW9 with or without mods
    Sony CD1000 w/ mods
    UE Customs
    Westone 3's
    Ultrasone Ed. 9
    Westone 3
    HD 650, 600

    "All the portables including Mustang & SR-71A were tested using UE10, UE11, ES2 by Westone & Weston3, the prototype. I did also listen to them via SE530.
    Ray Samuels."



    P-51 with iRiver H140 and my hyper pure silver mini to mini IC


    Different IC's I have made for portable use. Switchcraft minis and my own converted minis with hyper pure dead soft silver and teflon tubing braided and twisted methods used in construction
  2. NeObliviscaris
    What amp is this?
  3. jordanross
    It is Ray Samuels newest addition to his portable line-up...
    It was shown for the first time at the So Cal LAX Hilton meet this past weekend.
    I posted my impressions in the meet impression thread.
  4. jamato8 Contributor

    Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What amp is this?

    It is a new portable that is the smallest that RSA has put to production. From what I have read will be a Christmas release but was heard at a recent meet. It is about the size of a matchbox or a little larger.
  5. NeObliviscaris
    Intriguing, anyone got any goss, spyshots etc?
  6. jordanross

    Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Intriguing, anyone got any goss, spyshots etc?


    Here you go, told you to go to the LAX meet impression thread... [​IMG]
  7. Deadneddz
  8. krmathis Contributor
    Ray sure have a nice line of portable amplifiers.
    With this new addition to the family its more or less complete, it seems...
  9. -=Germania=-
    Actually Jordan,

    It first showed up in August at the Chicago Meet.
    We were told to keep quiet at the time and have done so.

    It is a VERY nice sounding amp - portable or not.
    Yes, it is very tiny. Noticeably smaller than a Pico.
  10. jordanross

    What! Ray lied to us! I feel so betrayed... He told us we were the first... [​IMG]

    You guys have some amazing self control, we could hardly keep the cat in the bag, pics posted by dinner time [​IMG]
  11. PuffyElvis
    At the rate that Ray is going it wont' be long before his amps are smaller then your headphone plugs!
  12. ZephyrSapphire
    Hmm. From the picture it's the same thickness as the Tomahawk. Guess that's out of a lot of people's list, regardless of how small or good it is.
  13. J.D.N
    I guess it depends what batteries it uses etc.

    Next step, custom mini high-end caps to fit tiny enclosures and custom rechargeable batteries for equal tiny-ness.
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    Smaller than Pico sounds unreal and it sure looks thicker. Is it a gain swith on the top of it ?
  15. monolith
    Thick = not practical for portable use.

    Back to waiting for the T3, I guess.
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