1. Abstraction

    RSA P-51 Battery Problem

    I have had a P-51, I think, five years. I got it shortly after they came out. For a long time, it surprised me when it needed to be charged, and I would charge it over night. Gradually, it needed more frequent charging.  Now a charge is good only for about three hour of  play time. It is a...
  2. darkwasim786

    Which Ray Samuels amp?

    Hi everyone,   I am currently looking to buy my first portable amp and have narrowed down my choices to ray samuels, but am unsure which model to buy...this is where i need your help   The amps i have narrowed down to are the shadow, tomahawk, hornet, predator, sr-71a and the p-51...
  3. Sasaki

    Japan made custom IEM, SUYAMA Private 333 impressions (w/pics)

    SUYAMA Private 333 is a 3way custom IEM that is made in Japan. SUYAMA fit-ear is primary a hearing-aid manufacture and all of my ear-impressions for my custom IEMs are molded by Suyama. Click picture to see larger.       Suyama Private 333 is their latest product and mainly focused on...
  4. Sunburn

    What amp do you recommend for my setup?

    Hi everyone. I have finally ordered the famous Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I need an amp recommendation to get the best out of them.   I will be using them with my desktop computer. Here is the short list of my existing audio equipment:   Asus Xonar DX sound card (doesn't have a headphone...
  5. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  6. sleepless64

    Headroom Portable Micro Amp vs. P-51 Mustang (Ray Samuels)

    Do you know which one's better and why?   Manny thanks...
  7. tao1

    new to this - is a portable headphone amp worth it? Ray Samuels P-51?

    I am new to head-fi and to headphone listening in general - I do not consider myself an audiophile, but I do have a fairly decent (if dated) home stereo (2-channel)   I find lately that I am traveling more for both work and pleasure and I take my ipod (160gb classic, not sure which...
  8. ExpatinJapan

    Pico slim, P51-Mustang, Arrow, ALO The National or Hp_p1 for ATH-ESW9 / UE-TF10.

    Time to spend some cash on a yearly upgrade. (Wanting a mid to high end portable amplifier).   I have ATH-ESW9 and UE-TF10s w/Null Audio cable.   Source is ipod touch 4G w/ various apps (flacplayer, sonicmaxpro, equalizer, EQu). 95% music is lossless ALAC or FLAC.   Music...
  9. Meoow

    Need Advices For a Portable DAC to pair with RSA P51-Mustang

    My budget would be up to $450 for a "Neutral Sound" DAC to pair with the Mustang, or anything in particular for the best combo with the Mustang. My headphones will be mostly Audio Technica (900x right now - soon will be W1000x and AD1000PRM) and Senn HD650   Thanks
  10. azureaura

    Will an amp like the P51 mustang from RSA cure the recessed mids of the Superdarts?

    I have shortlisted the Superdarts, however not very keen on the scooped out midrange. Would this pairing be good to correct the sound signature?
  11. Gathero

    Wich Portable Amp for a Dt880 600Ohm ?

    Hello,   A friend will sell me soon his "new" BeyerDynamic DT880 600Ohm. Unlike him im not often at home for the moment so i need a portable amp. I know this headphone need some power to be driven properly and  I do not really know which one to take... Source : Mobile / Audio-Flac player/...
  12. jaybar

    Low impedance headphone for iPhone 5 that can handle phone calls?

    Hi   I am looking for low impedance headphone that can also handle phone calls on my iPhone 5, in addition to music. Type of prones in order of preference:   over-ear on-ear in-ear   Over ear would be most preferred. I have never had in-ear. Lighter is better. I am looking for...
  13. appar111

    excellent portable amp recommendation needed (~$350 budget)

    Been out of the head-fi game for quite a while, but sold a guitar of mine and have enough funds to afford a high quality portable amp for use w/ a pcdp and ipod for desktop and home use.   Looking at the Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang or Hornet as my lead options.  Both are a little above my...
  14. Sorensiim

    So, I'm looking for that perfect amp...

    I'm in the process of selling my DX100 and now I'm looking for the best possible portable amp to match my DX50. Now, before you all start screaming "You need the [insert favorite amp here], it's so awesome!", there are some points to consider. Boring, I know, but it will make this thread a lot...
  15. mohdkhamsya

    rsa mustang or new iems

    Hi everyone. I am currently using my b2s with a sansafuze paired with a cmoybb. I tried the rsa amps and I found it to be mind blowingly good. I'm just wondering if I should pay a premium for that kind of amp or if my money would be better spent on a new pair of iems. Thanks guys.
  16. kingcow

    Best Amp (under $500) for westone 4R?

    What is a good amp for Westone 4R under 500 dollars? I listen to mainly rocky and classical music.
  17. jark

    RSA Mustang/Shadow, or Headamp Pico Slim + CLAS or HP-P1 for JH16 pros

    Hi all.   I have been using my new custom JH-16 pro for the last month and I'm really impress with this unit. My only "concern" is I think my iBasso D10 is not up to the task. I mean it doesn't match the resolution that the JH16 is capable off. Also I found really annoying the imbalance and...
  18. beerguy0

    Looking for portable amp for Imod

    As indicated, I'm looking for an amp for my Imod. (I mostly use Denon AH-D1001 headphones at work.) I use the Alo Audio OCC Triple-Pipe Cryo cable for my LOD. Price isn't too critical, but I would like to keep it under $250. I'm somewhat torn on an integrated DAC. On one hand, I'm quite happy...
  19. JmanOfIsrael

    AMP for Denon AH D5000 & HD 598

    Current setup:   MacBook Pro>Fiio E7>D5000   or   MacBook Pro>old Pioneer receiver>HD 598   What would you guys recommend using to amp the D5000s and HD 598s? I particularly like the bass boost on the Fiio E7 for the D5000s and sometimes HD 598s. I really don't know a thing about...
  20. Vlooienuker

    Best DAC/Amp Combo with a Cowon J3 and Westone 3?

    Hi all.   I'm looking for a great DAC/Amp combo to pair up with my Cowon J3 and my W3's.   My budget is 700 USD...   I know the W3's are a low impedance phone but I really want to "make the most of them" and get the best sound possible. I dont want just a "slight" difference I want a...
  21. Vlooienuker


    Hi Head-fiers.   So I was wondering which amp I should get, I have a Cowon J3 and a pair of Westone 3's.   My budget is 500 USD.   Personally I dont really like the W3s on the flat EQ and I increase the bass slightly and the highs slightly.   Portability is a huge factor. So is...
  22. vanhalen26

    Tomahawk Failing - recos for similar to replace?

    Hi all. I've enjoyed my tomahawk, but find build quality a bit weak. Perfect size, and when working well it's great. Any recos for a similar sized device to replace with? Problems are battery connection contact lost intermittently, one of the jacks is now loose, and one of the screws fell off...
  23. uku383

    Portable amp / DAC for Sennheiser PXC 450?

      Hi folks   Firstly, I only found Head-Fi a few days ago, and it’s amazing! The discussions are great and a pleasure to read, probably because everyone is so keen about the topics.   Anyway, I’m struggling to choose my first portable amp / DAC unit, which I’ll be teaming with my...
  24. chef8489

    Lost my rsa charger which is it? p51

    I lost my rsa charger for my p51 and wondering what model of charger it is. Cant get one shipped as I am traveling, but need to find one at an electronics shop. Thanks   Edit think I found it but need confirmation 3P10-L0504
  25. baloo123

    Amp for Edition 8's

    I am looking to get an amp for my iPhone and Ultrasone Edition 8's. I just saw V-Moda's new amp and it looks nice but it has terrible battery life. Any suggestions?   My Priority List: 1. Portability (if it's too big I won't carry it and won't use it.. doesn't have to be as small as the...