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TAG Creative Director, Art Director, Voice-over Artist, and Architectural/Product Photographer

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    TAG Creative Director, Art Director, Voice-over Artist, and Architectural/Product Photographer
    Go/Weiqui/Baduk, Music, painting, fishing, photography
    Architecture, Photography, Go, Philosophy, Linguistics, Astronomy, Theoretical Physics, mechanical engineering, tinkering, archeology, anthropology, making-stuff.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Personal gear:
    Audeze LCD 2.2
    Audeze Sine
    Grado RS1i
    Sennheiser HD 600
    Sennheiser Momentum (full)
    Denon AH-D5000 (Lawton modified)
    Denon AH-D600
    AKG K551
    K240 Sextett MP
    K240 Monitor (600 Ohm)
    Master & Dynamic MH30
    Beyerdynamic DT1350
    Audio Technica ATH-EW9 (clip on)
    TripleFi 10/InEarz Custom Reshell
    Fostex T50RP (stock with 840 pads)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Personal gear:
    Burson Conductor V1
    Yulong D200 (amp)
    Yulong D100 (amp)
    Bottlehead Crack
    RSA P-51
    Headroom Total BitHead
    Apogee One for iPad/iPhone/Mac
    Source Inventory:
    Personal gear:
    Wadia 170i
    Burson Conductor V1 Sabre (dac)
    Yulong D200 (dac)
    Yulong D100 (dac)
    Gamma 1 DAC
    iPod classic 80
    MacBook Pro (Fidelia + Audio Hijack Pro with Redline Monitor and Para eq)
    Cable Inventory:
    A bunch of DIY custom RCA and headphone cables - mostly Mogami (2534 and 2893 based) with Neutrik and Switchcraft connectors. Anything else is Monoprice (USB) or FiiO (LOD)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home audio:
    McIntosh 5100
    McIntosh MR71
    Denon 3930 DVD/CD/SACD
    Dual 1019 (Shure V15)
    Pioneer PL-530 (Denon DL-110)
    Polk 3300 Monitor/Sub
    Custom Full range back loaded horns (Fostex drivers) - BK12

    Studio audio:
    JBL Series 3 monitors
    Adam Audio ARTist 5 monitors
    Blue and AKG Microphones
    Motu UltraLite Mk3 Digital Audio Interface
    ProTools, SoundBooth, AHPro, Redline Monitor and EQ
    Music Preferences:
    Classical, Jazz, BeBop, Rock, Folk/World/Traditional, Hip-Hop, Punk
    Pocketwatches, Cigars, Whiskey, Absinthe, Vintage rangefinder cameras
    Father, Husband, Roma, Fiddler, Artist, Chef, Mixologist, Curmudgeon, Atheist, Hat and Kilt-wearer


    Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
    AMPs/DACs: Burson Conductor V1 | Bottlehead Crack | Yulong D200 | M^3 | O2/ODAC | Gamma 2 | RSA P-51
    Headphones: LCD 2.2 | RS1i | HD 600 | Lawton Mod AH-D5000 | Sine | AH-D600 | M&D MH-30 | DT 1350 | AKG 545 | InEarz/TF10
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