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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. watchnerd
    I'm using it, love it.
  2. Byronb
  3. jazzfan
    I purchased a Lifetime membership, I use it and I like it. I have no issues with Roon from a sound quality perspective and Roon does many things well. However, Roon being a relatively new software product, is not totally without issues. I've encountered several issues, including MBP DSD256 playback issues, Tidal playlist synchronization issues, and Artist Discovery playback issues to name a few. In fact, in some respects I've felt very much like a beta tester for Roon. Head over to the Roon Support Forum to get a better sense of the extent of issues being encountered.
    That said, I feel Roon support has been responsive to issues. I'm sure they are doing their best to resolve as many problems as possible and I expect the product will continue to improve as the product matures.
  4. jrflanne
    I purchased a year's worth. Tidal gave me a free 3 months. Seems to work ok but the SQ doesn't quite match Audirvana. Roon dropped out this morning on my home office computer. Aggravating but I'm not going to judge one way or the other. iTunes never does, even when using Apple Music. So there is that. 
  5. Krutsch

    I've been losing the vision on Roon, myself. At the end of the day, you end up curating your library twice and I am not happy about that.
    Also, with respect to playback devices (i.e. RAAT or what they used to call RoonSpeakers), I've been following a forum for a favored hardware vendor. They ran an internal, blind test between their normal playback methodology and Roon playback and their test subjects preferred the former 100% of the time.
    I don't know... it's starting to feel like a lot of extra work, at this point.
  6. watchnerd
    Not sure what you mean about curating your library twice...can you elaborate?
  7. bmichels
    Has someone used  Microsoft Surface Pro + ROON as a source ?  
    With ROON installed on it, the 1Tb version of Microsoft Surface Pro could be the ultimate "transportable" source when attached to a HUGO or another portable DAC or even a DAVE. . . as long as the USB-out is clean of jitter and sound good ?
    Are there a lot of windows's tweaking needed to optimize it for best SQ ?  Audiophile Optimizer ?
    1Tb Microsoft Surface Pro 4  + ROON + HUGO = very exciting...
  8. Krutsch

    Sure... use it for a while and you will see what I mean.
    Periodically, I search for an artist and then notice that one or more albums are missing from the collection of albums I own from that artist. So, I search of the album and see that it is "unidentified". Then, I go through the process of matching it with what's in Roon's database, but often times there isn't an exact match. Sometimes it's just a difference in track lengths, but sometimes it's a difference in tracks themselves (e.g. something I downloaded from HD Tracks has extra tracks, may be in a different order from what's in Roon's database, which is really just AllMusic.com).
    And so on and so forth...
    I've had to manually group albums and edit meta data a number of times and it's tiring.
    But the playback model is the worst, IMO, but if you like it, it's all good. Personally, I've gone back to Audirvana to listen to my own albums and just use the native Tidal app for streaming.
  9. lextek Contributor
    Very, happy with Roon. Still figuring some things out. One great thing is it works. No crashes or hiccups here.
  10. Krutsch

    Well, I have to back-peddle that statement, somewhat. All of the above does drive me a little crazy, but downloaded HQPlayer and hooked it up with Roon last night.

    Wow... Amazing sound quality and I'm really impressed with what the software does with red book audio, including Tidal content.
  11. frankraindog
    I'm wondering how this great software get's so little attention over here, what are head-fi people using to play their music? 
  12. AladdinSane
    JRiver user here for many years but I recently signed up for Roon. For me, it's really hard to switch when you've been committed to something like JRiver or, I'm sure other, "deep" media players for a significant period of time. You have a lot invested in a set up. Roon's integration with Tidal makes it worth it for me  but I'm not sure yet if it will be long term relationship. I still don't know some things about Roon that I know about other players  (e.g. bit perfect playback). That's on me for not researching but I'm just enjoying the interface right now, Tidal integration and ease of choosing where to send audio signal. Now it's basically no harder on JRiver but Roon is definitely prettier. I guess I have year to figure out if Roon and I will last.
  13. bmichels
    Since DAVE is so imune to the source quality, I will be able to keept my Auralic ARIES ... Now that it's software is FINALY stable and that it can act as a ROON endpoint.

    So my question: in order to use ROON with the ARIES, I will need to run ROON server on some kind of PC that stay on my netork ? Right ? But... I do not want to ad a PC to my audio system !

    So...are there available already some NAS that can run ROON server by themself WITHOUT any PC involved ?

    This will be Great. Indeed I want to avoid leaving a PC on all the time and this will give me a good reason to finaly use a NAS instead if a USB HD ( USB Hd Is not stable with the ARIES when the library excess 1 Tb).
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    Roon 1.2 Launched just in time for Axpona.
  15. deuter
    Loving it, upgraded yesterday.
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