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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. Duncan Moderator
    So, one week into my two month trial, and other than Tidal and HQPlayer integration (brilliant!), am unimpressed with library management...

    A tiny snippet from my albums...


    Is there something I'm missing on how to tidy up albums so that they're displayed as albums, and not split up like this?

  2. estreeter
    I believe there is a setting that controls how 'duplicates' are dealt with by roon, but I have the opposite problem with my 60-day membership (per my AQ DFB purchase) : almost no imagery or metadata for my imported music and only a relative handful of the tracks in my iTunes library were even imported. You know you're in trouble when an AIFF copy of DSOTM - complete with extensive metadata - doesnt even result in a photo of the band in the 'Artists' view.
    I can see why the serious music geeks go ga-ga over this app, but for mine it's seriously over-rated. I'll go out on a limb and say that I believe I know more about Springsteen and 'Scandinavian Metal' than the Roon entries for either seem willing to impart - granted, they have a lot of ground to cover with so many genres / artists out there, but I'd much happier with a web-based app where you could nominate sources (Rolling Stone, NME etc) and pay a monthly subscription fee based on those choices. I admit that the sound quality is very good, but with the modest gear at my disposal atm, I just dont see myself actually paying money for Roon (or TIDAL, but that's another thread for another time).
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  3. sfoclt
    If you right click on an album cover, it brings up an Edit window that allows you to change metadata, search the database, combine split albums, etc.  If you right click on two or more albums, it allows you to "Merge" them (among other options).
  4. estreeter
    Thanks - I gave that a shot earlier in the week but I cant seem to access things like the artist BIO, and I remain gobsmacked that Roon didnt add metadata for Pink Floyd. I expect that a more experienced user might well fix my install with a few mouse-clicks, but for a newbie (IT degree notwithstanding :wink: ), I'm underwhelmed.
  5. MLGrado
    Tried the trial last night.  
    At first, WOW, this stuff is wonderful.  Will never go back to JRiver, etc.  I don't believe that any two software players that are bitperfect should sound any different. They just should not.  After a couple hours of AB'ing, I could not shake the feeling Roon sounds better.  Just a tick more full and spacious.  It should not be any different.  The difference must be in my head.  But then again, does that make the difference, TO ME, any less a reality?  
    BUT. Today I am very disappointed.  I can't find/import several hundred of my albums.  Where are they???  Come to find out, Roon will not import SACD .iso.  SAY WHAT????   
    I have almost 400 SACD .iso rips.  JRiver sees them, and tags them in just as seamless a process as any other kind of file.  I suppose I could go through the tedious and time consuming process of converting all of them to DSF.  
    NO THANKS.  I have a life to live and music to listen to. 
    This, to me is a HUGE oversight.  I guess there probably aren't enough of us out there with a similar library to make it a priority.  Thankfully there are people elsewhere, like JRiver, that have made people with collections like mine a priority.  And when you consider the cost of entry between the two pieces of software??? No contest.  
  6. canali
    i might try Roon, too from laptop/ipod touch 6....subscribing to Tidal..have 400 itunes..no flac (yet).
    so unsure if this mgmt program is 'too much' for me or not.
    still trying to understand it...came across this today, as well from Sonic Build.
  7. brent75
    I tried Roon for free with my DFR trial (60 days) - it's awesome. Definite sound improvement over iTunes. I tried Audirvana afterward, but was so used to the Roon experience by then I didn't like Audirvana.
  8. Failed Engineer
    It looks like the Sonic Build guy is just combining a Rasberry Pi ($35), Hifiberry Digi+ ($30 or $40 depending on model), free Linux software, and a $20 case and selling it for $219.  That is a rip off, and can EASILY be done yourself.  I have two of them in my system.  They do sound amazing, much much better than the price would indicate, but I hate this business model and they should be exposed for it.
  9. canali
    well to be frank you might want to hold back from judging him so fast...he seems to have credentials...i`d like to think most people who like their hobby aren`t ripping off others knowingly when bringing something to market.  maybe this guy feels he`s put in the time designing it, putting it all together etc...it`s all about convenience to the end user, afterall....i`m not at your level so don`t know.
    why don`t you reach out to him and have a discussion...give him the benefit of the doubt...you might come back with a changed mind ...or perhaps not.
  10. nepherte
    Not that I disagree, but selling something for twice as much as the original parts holds true for pretty much every audio company...
  11. canali
    i reached out to the maker, Dean Clough, to clarify some points on the products, thinking Roon was all that was needed 
    to maximize my laptop playing Tidal...and would the new Oppo Sonos (wls) speaker work:
    his reply:
    ``If they (oppo sonos etc) have a coaxial or TOSLINK S/PDIF input, yes they will.   
    Maybe the will help: if you are familiar with Sonos, our  Bitstream and DAC products are similar in function to a
    Sonos Connect, while our Amp product is like a Sonos Connect Amp.``
  12. Failed Engineer
    I don't disagree about margins, but what I want to know is if Hifiberry has signed off on him using their products without any sort of acknowledgement.
    Obviously the RPi's can be used as companies like Bryston are coming out with RPi based streamers, but I'm not sure what Hifiberry's stance is on it.  I've reached out to Hifiberry and I'll see what their response is.  If I am in fact wrong about Sonic Build, I will post an apology and retraction of my claim.
  13. canali
     i am sure your intentions are good ones.
    but being a new user, Roon does confuse me...
    thought i wouldn't need any other extras ...even what you mentioned, failed engineer,
    interests me...but also confuses me as I thought all i'd need for good sound from my laptop was covered:
    good iems/cans...flc 8s... check
    good dac/amp...chord mojo, etc...check
    good streamer...tidal hifi... check
    now, good software mgmt to override my windows 10 based laptop: Roon, check.
    but now also should check into peripherals as those components both you and sonic build mentioned.
    can you kindly elaborate more, please.
    lastly; trying both Roon against Tidal hifi by itself through my laptop to iems
    (for Roon have exclusive mode and all volume and crossfade turned off)
    ...the difference is minor....maybe i'm doing something wrong.
  14. BlackstoneJD
    Are there plans for SACD .iso support?
  15. Audio Addict Contributor
    I would suggest searching on the roon forum.
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