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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. Duke40
    After trialling ... I have moved over to a Roon subscription ... I love it because it helps me discover more new music.

    I also now get so much more out of my Tidal subscription.

    Plus, I like the album liner notes & artist info ... kind of getting back some of the things I missed from Vinyl, and providing them as part of an outstanding user interface experience.

    Initially had a few setup issues, though Roon Support were extremely helpful ... I appreciate it.

    Also a great user community over at the Roon Labs community support site, so other Roon subscribers helped me too ... for which I am very grateful.

    Sound quality is excellent too.

    Roon Labs appear very approachable to new feature requests ... they obviously could not do each & every personal request ... though if there is demand from a number of people, they appear very responsive. I think this is great.
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  2. dmhenley
    I am also going to subscribe once the trial expires. 
    Roon supports my listening habits and helps me find new music. I like the interface, and it's inspired me to build more playlists...
    something I don't do often.
    Sound quality is great - I haven't been able to detect an audible difference between Tidal and Roon.
  3. dmhenley
    Alright. Roon\Tidal
    Didn't see another Roon post.
  4. Krutsch

    I just subscribed this weekend and spent the last 2 days playing with it... love the user experience and I am having fun exploring my collection, along with the associated recommendations from TIDAL. 
    But, I suspect for most folks, they "know" their own collection and the price is too steep.
    I was in the above camp, until I really gave it a try and discovered that I didn't know my own collection as well as I thought I did.
    Roon is a real audiophile step forward... I hope they and TIDAL survive the unwashed masses and their desire to pay nothing for everything.
  5. Byronb
  6. dmhenley
    I've also subscribed - just finished the trial period. Been subscribing to Tidal since the launch.
    It's an excellent app, and it suits me fine. I'm discovering more music now with Tidal and Roon enhances it further.
  7. frankraindog
    Some for me here: I've also subscribed - just finished the trial period
    This is a great piece of software and the sound quality is great.
  8. pedalhead Contributor
  9. toby23
    +1 for Roon
    Fantastic UI and user experience.
    The perfect companion to a Tidal HiFi sub.
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  10. frankraindog
    I've licenced versions of JRiver, Amarra, Audirvana, but since I've discovered roon I don't use them anymore.
    Roon is such a great experince with still more to come.
  11. pedalhead Contributor
    Yep, loving Roon here as well.  I still use JRiver occasionally, mostly just for library management purposes, but for the most part I'm all about Roon these days.  I just wish they'd make the app work on Intel Atom tablets.  I'd like to buy a tablet mostly just for Roon but Arm based tabs tend to be more expensive.
  12. macrog
    So far I am really impressed with Roon.  One thing I think could be better is licencing.  I want the ability to have a second PC managing a second library.  I dont mind paying more just not happy with a whole second licence fee.
    Roon's integration with Tidal streaming service is superb amd a great way to find new music.  All of Roon's suggestions so far have been great.  The interface is very simple and the metdata engine behind it seems more powerful than JRiver to me.
    Another limitation is that being a 32 bit program there is no memory play option and tidal can be a bit bright without a buffer.  To get around this I use JPlay on my PC to add a RAM Buffer.  Unfortunately nil option to do this on Mac though.
    Sound quality wise Roon is to my ear better than JRiver but not quite as good as Audirvana 2+, Amarra Symphony, Pure Music or Fidelia.  
    I am sure that a 64bit version (which is reportedly underway) with memory play option will address sound quality gap.
    Initially I thought the price was ridiculous but with use it is absolutely justifiable.
  13. Krutsch
    Hmmm. I have Roon installed on my MacBook Retina and on a Mac Mini, with two separate libraries. I only use one at a time, but I haven't purchased a separate license.
  14. Audio Addict Contributor

    Basically you deactivate one and use it on another computer. I don't know how the license is being used elsewhere if there isn't an Internet connection.
  15. deuter

    Interestimg find.

    I did trial the roon and do use the jriver, I did find a difference between the two but couldnt say which one is better.

    What did you find the differences to be.
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