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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. 7ryder
    been playing with it for the last 24 hours and it is pretty darn cool.  check it out https://roonlabs.com/
  2. vo_obgyn
    Has anybody compared Roon SQ versus Pure Music and/or Audirvana Plus SQ? 
  3. 7ryder
    There's some activity over on computeraudiophile.com from mac folks, you might check over there.
  4. deuter
    No one here using roon? 
    How do you find the sound quality. 
  5. nepherte
    I got a trial going on. The app provides a nice view on your music library. Browsing through albums has never been that easy before. There are still a couple of features missing that I would like to see in there like editing metadata. The music sounds good to my ears but haven't heard other players like JRivers. The main downside is the pricing.
  6. 7ryder
    I have been using Roon with JRiver's WDM on my desktop system, so the sound is great, 'cause it is JRiver!  
    I have been having problems with it, though, in my main system - the PC keeps crashing when I use Roon - either with JRiver's WDM driver or Schiit's Gen 3 USB driver (I have Yggy in the big rig, an Ayre QB-9 DSD in the desktop system). 
    JRiver is stable using Schiit's driver on that PC.  I have been conversing with Roon on their forum about it and hopefully they can sort it out before my 14 day trial expires; otherwise I'll be cancelling.
  7. deuter

    I was A B testing roon and jriver last night. I inconclusive but have a feeling there is a difference.
    What is this jriver wdm and how so I use it ?
    Does it mean the interface is roon but musoc gets played through jriver and subsequently my ASIO drivers in jriver ?
  8. 7ryder
    if you are using JRiver version 20, a driver comes along with the software.  Here's the link on how to set it up http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=92593.0
    And, yes, you can use JRiver as a driver just like you would your DACs driver in JRiver.  Beware that there currently are some issues with the driver and Roon...little hiccups during playback. 
  9. deuter
    Ok get it now,  read your link attached.  But wouldn't we give my dac ASIO driver preference ? 
    Wdm gives you the ability to use jriver dsp processing.  I have my jriver audio set to my dac ASIO driver.  
  10. 7ryder
    yes, don't change anything in your JRiver set up.   Once you activate the driver in JRiver, it should show up as a "zone", just change the zone in Roon.
  11. deuter
    But does this mean jriver will continue to use my ASIO driver? 
  12. 7ryder
    If you have it set up in JRiver to use the ASIO driver, Roon will use the ASIO driver when you use the JRiver WDM
  13. deuter
    Nice,  hoping this works. 
  14. deuter
    Tried I this evening,  not sure what's wrong  but get static like sound or sometimes music plays but there is constant digital noise. 
  15. 7ryder
    Yes, like I said, there are some issues with the JRiver WDM driver...that's one of them.  They are aware of it and some fixes are supposed to come out shortly with the next software update.  If you go to the Roon Labs forum, in the support section there are threads about the WDM driver issues and what they are doing to try to fix it.
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