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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. all999
    Can someone upload some older versions of RB and drop some links? Thx!
  2. napka

  3. napka

    Check this: http://napych.com/other/rockbox-for-ibasso-dx90/
  4. jj69
    For those who have been hoping for a new build of Rockbox for DX90 including Lurker0's L2 version of Mango, Cholero was kind enough to put a build together for me. 
    I have been using it all weekend with Mango L2, and for a couple of hours this evening with Rockbox.  So far, I have not had a single issue.  This version is truly the best of both worlds.  The best version of Lurker0 Mango + Rockbox in a convenient dual boot format.  No more flashing firmware! 
    However, please use at your own risk.  I am not a programmer, and Cholero does not own a DX90 himself for testing purposes. 
    You can download the new build here:
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  5. ebe2000

    I should have not done that! Now my Ibasso does´t start anymore at all!
  6. ebe2000

    After putting on the above RB file, I can not restart the DX90. Still can connect to my Mac, deleted the RB file and put Lurker`s 2.1.5L2 back on, went into system recovery, gone to update from SD (internal) card and get following message:
    "Can not found firmware image or invalid image. Update rkimage complete"
    What can I do now to get my music going again?
  7. jj69
    Did you follow the installation instructions on Page 1 of this thread? Did you have the Rockbox file installed first?
  8. jamato8 Contributor

    If you have a PC or a Mac that can run Microsoft (I have a Mac and run Parallels and Windows 7) you can install the batch tool and that can reinstall a FW.
  9. ebe2000
    I have the batch tool, but it says the chip is not OK, was probably fried!
  10. ebe2000

    2.1.5 from Ibasso was corrupt, 2.0.5 worked with the batch tool. All OK again - yippy
  11. ebe2000
    But now I am stuck with 2.0.5 as no other firmware is accepted. Do I have to update step by step (2.1.0, 2.1.5, 2.1.5L2) or can I just put the newest Lurker FW straight on?
  12. ebe2000

    Checked the directory, internal storage on DX90 , and there is an empty folder called "System Volume Information". Can´t see this folder on my computer when connected and therefore can´t delete. Any suggestions?
    Edit: Saw folder under Windows and it is a .album_img file. Tried to delete but keeps staying, weird.
    I just can´t get rid of the "System Volume Information" folder in my internal storage which is the .album_img file. This is why it would not read any update files, they are also .img files.
  13. ebe2000

    Problem solved, reformatted internal and SD card on Mac, then used Ibasso tools to reflash DX90, then updated to 2.1.5L2. Strangly the "System Volume Information" folder is now on the SD card which I am going to discard.
  14. Lurker0
    headwhacker, is it true that Rockbox for DX90 does not use hardware (in-DAC) volume control, recalculating samples instead? Acidently, I went past this source code today and was quite disappointed!
  15. headwhacker
    The code in the official rockbox repository for DX90 is a direct port from the DX50 branch which is now actively being developed by @cholero. His objective is to make the implementation similar to the standard rockbox Android port.
    My build is a separate repository which is also mentioned in the first page.
    Here's the link to the code for the volume control
    This is how I wrote my DX90 build to control the volume. Which is actually taken from Illia's original DX50 port.
    It is basically the same way how Mango controls volume. Which is the DAC's native alsa driver/interface as implemented by iBasso.

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