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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Lurker0
    Thanks a lot! I feel much better now :)
  2. Djinnenjous
    Can anyone else confirm that this version is safe and reliable?  I'm looking to experiment with Rockbox for the first time but I don't want to lose 2.1.5 L2.  That said, until I see more than one person saying it's kosher, I'm not taking a leap of faith.
  3. kamson
    I am using it everyday without any problem - so yes, it is safe.
  4. Djinnenjous
    Downloading and installing as I type this.  Thanks for responding.
  5. alexkonkov
    Could anyone who installed Rockbox in DX90 tell some impressions about its EQ quality? I usually cut-off unneeded tonal imbalances depending on headphones used, and as far as I can hear there are audible artefacts when EQ is on, so I can't be fully satisfied with how equalisation is applied in DX90. (I'm using DX90FirmwareV2.1.5-L2 from Luker). Is Rockbox any better in terms of EQ quality?
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Agreed that iBasso's EQ implementation leaves a lot to be desired. To me, it sounds like I'm listening with a seashell up to my ear - lots of "whooshing" artifacts with EQ on.

    Rockbox should have much cleaner EQ with a much more mature implementation - such as parametric EQ in addition to regular EQ and simple Bass/Treble controls. Rockbox's EQ will grow with you as you become a more sophisticated EQ user.
  7. Lad27
    Welcome to Head-Fi.
    The Rockbox EQ is in different league compared to Mango EQ. Parametric EQ will always beat simple EQ by a mile. The ability to save several EQ presets is a big bonus.
    Prepare to spend some time though tweaking parametric EQ, but results are worth it.
  8. Jono338
    Album Art - hi ... I have RB installed and liking the interface, but the album art doesn't display for a large proportion of my music. It's all coded exactly the same with a cover.jpg (300x300px) in each album directory - NOT embedded.
    Any ideas?
  9. fonsocm
    Only ideas, review the name of the pics. I named them: front.jpg. And the extension.
  10. cholero
    Just one thing: when you switch between themes, a reboot is required, otherwise album art is possibly not displayed. This was not the problem?
  11. Jono338
    All the directories are the same... Some show some don't. By reboot do you mean turn off and back on.. Do that many times a day. Or is there another sort of reboot/reset?
  12. cholero
    After the first power off/on it should work already.
    Maybe you can try to remove exif data if the pictures have this. I don't know if this could be the problem but maybe it is worth a try.
  13. Djinnenjous
    As a total PEQ noob I'm almost afraid to touch the settings despite having some albums that are so poorly recorded they could probably benefit tremendously from rebalancing efforts.  Can anyone please link me to a reputable, idiot-friendly PEQ tutorial?
  14. IainG
    I have most of my music files on a 128 gb microsd card, however I also have a few files on the dx90's internal storage. Eventually, I will have more music on another microsd, plugged into the USB via OTG.
    When I am browsing through my music, using the "database" option - where I can browse by the subheading categories such as "artist", "album artist", "album", "genre", etc. etc. - I only see the music that is stored on my microsd card. The music that is in the internal memory is not showing up in the "database"
    In order to access the music that is stored in the dx90 internal memory, I need to go into "files" and then choose the music from the files subheadings.  
    My question is, is there any way to integrate the music from my microsd card, the internal memory (and eventually from another card plugged into the USB via OTG) so that all the music shows up under "database"? It would be great to have an integrated list to select from, instead of having to look in each separate storage place.
    Thanks for any guidance.
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Is this with Rockbox or Lurker's firmware? Have you updated the DB recently?
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