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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Lad27
    Is 2.1.5 L2 rockbox patch in the pipeline? 
  2. headwhacker
    I don't see the need for it.
  3. jj69
    Why not?  The early reports are that L2 is noticeably superior to L1. 
  4. Wishmasterx

    Make You Factory reset in Mango after update to 2.1.5? I (any others) had problem with playing files in Mango until I make Factory reset. From update I had very little time to listen, so I can not say, if here is any problems in Rockbox.

    PS: I am very happy for using RedBox :)

    For headwhacker:
    I too vote for Lurker´s 2.1.5 L2 with dualboot. Every is better to have choise.
  5. hyper8
    I agree with everybody else about Lurker's 2.1.5 L2 with dualboot. I flashed it and its a noticeable improvement over 2.1.5 L1
  6. TheDirtyBubble
    Turns out the database wasn't being loaded to the onboard RAM on startup, causing slowdown/freezes when powering on the Dx90 for 1-2 minutes whilst 119gb of data was being read. Went to General Settings/Database/Load to Ram and set it to "Yes", which has solved the issue.
  7. headwhacker
    Good, it proves the problem is with the SD card or at least it's slow reading from it. Even without that option on I don't have any skipping/freezing issues. The UI may freeze sometimes but playback is not getting interrupted.
  8. Lad27
    For those using "rayboradio_OB" theme:
    I was playing with the visuals a little, just to fine tune some graphical elements and I'm quite pleased with the end result.
    All work is done within rayboradio folder containing bitmap files (.rockbox/wps/rayboradio_OB). Any picture editor will do the job, it only involves Fill with selected colour and rudimentary contrast/brightnes control. Oh, and the ability to zoom in at least 800%, some of the icons are tiny.
    Renamed the original files for easy way back and just left them there. 
    1. rayboradio_bg.bmp. The screen background. Wanted to be a little crispier and darker central area for fonts to stand out a little more. Played with various level settings, but at the end auto-contrast button did the trick. Looks very sleek now.
    2. batt.bmp. There are four battery indicators and two for charging. What I did here  was to fill the "full" indicator with orange after sampling next.bmp orange to match with the rest of theme.
    Next one is filled red (primary color), next with bright yellow and the last (with one bar) bright green. The idea was that if battery is full, all is good and it blends "in" but still better than hard to see (for me anyway) default grey. When it drops below 80% the indicator turns red, then yellow. That gives really nice peripheral "at the first glance" clue that battery is half empty or less. Finally when it is really low, it turns out green, which really stands out from theme colors and will definitely catch the eye and warn you to go and grab the charger.
    First I did it other way (green full, red empty) but the reverse logic works better for me here. For more subtle effect, filling the battery outline with white and vertical bars with colors works too. Charge indicators were filled with yellow, but default is OK.
    Ensure though that in rockbox Settings the Battery needs to be turned to Graphical (it will still display XX% next to indicator).
    3. curentSong.bmp. It is the same color as the title of the song and blends too easily with it. This one I filled its background with red. Same treatment for nextSong indicator.
    4. volumeknob.bmp. I looked bit faded to me. Auto-color did the trick. My next project is to go back the memory lane and refresh my lost knowledge in wps editing (did my own theme on iriver 140 long time ago). I want to change dB volume value from black to white or something bright. Can't see the thing without glasses.
    Good fun.
    I don't want to distribute any files as I'm not sure about copyright issues and intellectual property things involved.
    And finally, the bitmaps were saved in 8-bit depth, it should also will work in 16-bit. 24 bit would be overkill for the screen resolution and the size of icons involved.
  9. headwhacker
    You can publish modified version of an existing theme. You just need to give credit to the original author.
  10. jj69
    Are we really not updating the Rockbox port to include Lurker0's L2 firmware?  I thought headwhaker was pulling our collective legs when he said it was unnecessary. 
    I have not seen one single person say L2 was anything but superior to L1.  So why not upgrade the Rockbox build? 
  11. headwhacker
    There is nothing to update on the Rockbox build. There hasn't been one for more than a month now. 
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    Hi headwhacker. Since there isn't an update to Rockbox, maybe you could keep the same Rockbox build but replace Lurker's old firmware with his new L2 firmware for us?
  13. jj69
    This is obviously what I meant. 
  14. Wishmasterx
    Hi, we very please for Lurker L2 with dual boot. Rockbox is fast final and iBasso will not release new FW until several months. From I made RedBox, I never use Mango, bun now I must use it for DAC.
    PS: Only one think miss in Your RockBox - Zoom in image viewer. On simulator zoom function, but on DX90 not and images are small.
  15. Y2HBK
    I have to agree about L2. After trying it out the difference was large enough that I gave up Rockbox and switched back to the default firmware. Its not night and day difference by any means but I was able to hear an immediate difference. 
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