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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. RugbyPlayer
    It was booting just straight into Rockbox. I tried it another 5 times and finally got it to boot into the standard player and didnt want to mess with it anymore so i rockbox out
  2. goodvibes
    Not so bad then. Nice to know your player works.[​IMG]
  3. headwhacker
  4. hibii
    Please version Rockbox & stock 2.1.5
  5. headwhacker
    Why? The only difference with the stock is the mod only removed none essential running process which takes CPU cycles and not needed by both Rockbox and Mango to play music.
  6. hibii

    in stock I've battery life > 8 h, mod < 7h (player is warmer)
    Mango 2.1.5L  have off scaling cpu?
    (sorry my English)
  7. Lurker0
    Stock 2.1.5 also puts CPU to the performance mode. So L1 is not worse from power consumption point of view.
  8. hibii
    I"ll check :)
  9. iBeyerX90-COP
    So, you are saying that the happy few with magical ears, who are hearing a definitive upgrade or difference in sound quality with the lurker's mods, are maybe a little too enthusiastic ?
    No need to answer, just being a little sarcastic troll :wink:
    Thanks to you and lurker for the good and fast job. 
  10. hyper8
  11. hibii

    ok now:
    1.2.0L / 1.2.5L ~ 6h
    1.2.5   ~ 8h
    please stock 1.2.5  with rockbox :)
  12. TheDirtyBubble
    Updated to latest dual boot firmware and Rockbox 2.1.5 a couple of days ago. Rockbox playback occasionally freezes randomly mid song (been trying to identify a pattern, nothing so far) then continues after 15-30 seconds. Track time usually skips backwards a few seconds as the playback resumes.
    Anyone else experiencing this? I am running the "While Playing Screen" from the RedBox theme, everything else from the DriveBox theme, otherwise standard implementation.
    My main motivation for running Rockbox on the DX90 is because I can't get enough bass for my liking from Mango for my Fidue a83 iems, currently running standard everything in Rockbox apart from +7db on the bass which is seems to be the sweet spot for my ears. if anyone cares to share some Mango eq settings that add a bit of extra punch I would probably leave Rockbox alone.
    Edited to add that I am also getting about 6hrs off the stock battery via Rockbox. 
  13. headwhacker
    Never had that problem. But it sounds like a problem with your SD Card.
  14. TheDirtyBubble
    Brand new SanDisk 128gb micro sd, could the issue be that it is formatted exFAT32 as opposed to FAT32?
  15. headwhacker
    mine is formatted in exFAT. 
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