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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. headwhacker
    It will only appear in the Mango menu if it can see the file update.img in DX90's internal storage.
  2. pharme
    Good to know this. Thanks tonnes headwhacker.
  3. pharme
    I want to thank you for this. Thot i have done it but here's it.
    Big thank you headwhacker for the wonderful work. Good to have options in life, for once.
  4. xrodx
    Hello, first of all i want to thank you for this awesome fw ... but now the drama ... the hold switch on my dx90 broke, (and it got stuck on hold position, so i had to open the unit and manually switch it with a pointy thing) and it doesn't work anymore, so I came here to ask if there is any way to access the boot menu using another combination of keys (power + volume down, for example).
    I'll appreciate some guidance on how to make this work again, or how to modify the fw myself in future releases.
  5. RugbyPlayer
    i cant get to the dual boot menu anymore, it was working right after i did the rockbox mod but not anymore
  6. headwhacker

    That's unfortunate. If it still under warranty you should contact iBasso. If you can make the Android ADB work from your PC you can edit a file to select which app to boot.

    Another option is to flash the stock FW to boot to Mango. Then flash the patched FW to boot to RB.
  7. jpgr
    you need to have the hold switch on when you turn on the player to get the choice of rockbox or mango.
  8. Wishmasterx
    To headwhacker:
    New DX90 firmware is out and are good reaction on it. Please, can You make new FW with dual boot for Rockbox? Or You want wait on Lurker mod 2.1.5?
  9. headwhacker
    Let's wait until Lurker release his mod. Pretty sure someone else will ask to patch his modded FW. I don't want to release too many patched version of the stock FW.
  10. RugbyPlayer
    Ive tried booting it up with the hold switch in both positions but do not get the menu anymore
  11. goodvibes
    Unlikely this is iBasso's issue. I had one of the dual FW setups lock it up on mine and forgot how I recovered it bit it never turned on again until I reinstalled a FW. I think it can be done from an update file on the SD card in recovery mode. Hold power and Vol up during turn on. There's also the rockchip tool but it may not be recognized. Got it to work dual boot again but have since dropped RB as an option because I prefer the stock and lurkers FW.
  12. headwhacker
    Here's another workaround without flashing between FWs.
    If DX90 is booting into Rockbox by default do these steps to boot to Mango.
    You need to edit the content of /data/chosen_player file. It is set to 1 at this point and you need to change it to 0.
    1. Settings -> General Settings -> File View -> Show Files.
    This option must be set to "All", so the chosen_player file is visible from the File Browser.
    2. Go to Files and locate "chosen_player" file from the /data folder. Go to the top-most level (root) directory then go inside the data folder.
    3. Once you located "chosen_player",  select and hold the file using the touch screen until the context menu appears. Select "Open with ..." and choose "text editor".
    4. You should see "1" on the first line and already highlighted. Press the "PLAY" button to invoke the on-screen keyboard.
    5. From there just change 1 to 0. To save the changes, just press and hold the center location of the touch-screen. You will go back to the previous screen and should now show "0". Press the power button to invoke the main menu and select "Save and Exit".
    6. Reboot. it will run Mango instead of Rockbox.
    If DX90 boots to Mango by default and you want to switch to Rockbox just do a factory reset in Mango and it will automatically reboot to Rockbox.
    paulus germanus likes this.
  13. headwhacker
    So which Player is it booting now? Mango or Rockbox?

  14. goodvibes
    Sounds like neither to me.
  15. xrodx
    Thanks a lot, I will try this on the next release of the FW.
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