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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. santaclauz
    Is there any iOS 7 (by that I mean the current iPhone's "Music" theme) available for Rockbox to use with DX90? I ask about that and have become interested in Rockbox mainly because the iBasso theme is ruining the music experience for me. I just don't feel like choosing any artist, it doesn't spice me up to click on any music, and ultimately makes it less fun to hear music through the DX90 even if the sound is way better than off my iPhone 4s. What's happening these days is that I have to walk with both, and I search for the next song in my iPhone library and then select it in my DX90, which is pretty annoying.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Huh :blink:
  3. hyper8
    Why can't you look for the song in your DX90 library and choose it that way?
  4. santaclauz
    Because it's bloody unappealing.. Just so dull. It really takes the fun away, which is surprising to me as much as it may be to you, hearing me say this. When I search my iPhone library (which is exactly the same btw), I just feel like hearing a bunch of songs.
    So, do you think there's any way to use the iPhone Music app theme in Rockbox DX 90?
  5. jpgr
    if you browse to the themes folder in rockbox you can choose something different from the standard screen.
    http://themes.rockbox.org/index.php?allthemes gives you an idea of whats available.
  6. santaclauz
    Yes I know, I`ve searchedd the different themes but fact is I think I`ve grown particularly fond of the iPhone`s latest Music theme. I`ve seen Rockbox theme of the iPods, but I don`t like it very much either, and frankly the other high rated themes I think are a bit silly. Well, that`s probably just me, but I may very well be selling my DX90 just because of this.
    Thanks anyway!
  7. WhiskeyJacks
    can anyone tell me what are the files that are in the internal storage of the DX90 when connected to the pc? I am trying to see if I have the files needed including the F.W. .img that I need to figure this out. I cannot install anything else.
  8. trenino
    Does this mean that Rockbox is not able to play correct 24/96  ?
  9. headwhacker

    It plays 24-bit files It drops the LSB above 16 bits on the fly.
    paulus germanus likes this.
  10. RugbyPlayer
    Can anyone help me out?
    I tried the rockbox mod and disliked the UI (the scrolling is poor, i couldnt find a way to use the "bar" at the edge of the screen to scroll through faster.
    I want to get it back to just plain factory firmware. I did the instructions in the first post but now my player refuses to play any files. Whenever i select a file it just sits there with the"ready" message at the top of the screen and thats it.
  11. Lad27
    In contrary to your experience I found scrolling in rockbox to be the best I ever used. In mango when using touch screen scroll I always end  up selecting the wrong file. I have no problems with any other touchscreen device I own, but somehow iBasso touch is not working for me.
    From memory rockbox allows setting up the speed and initial delay on scroll, but that could be for horizontal scroll of text.
    The side scroll bar can be adjusted in width, mine is at minimum, I'm not using it. Anyway I can scroll to whatever file on rockbox probably ten times faster than scrolling on X5 with a wheel.(identical music folder on both players).
    For the second part, I'd probably reload the firmware, but before I'd try to scan SD card first. Did you try it?
    paulus germanus likes this.
  12. Lad27
    OK , I just looked up the scrolling in rockbox manual. Try playing with "List Acceleration Start Delay" setting in Display menu.
  13. GustavMahler
    How do i get the music in the internal memory of the DX90 (in the root of the memory) to show up in rockbox? Is it possible? Or maybe i need to paste it in the rockbox folder?
  14. Ulmisch
    Did you ever think about reading manuals? 
    Just check the infos on rockbox.org.
  15. GustavMahler
    Actually yes, I did think about this! And yes, i did this!
    But i did not find it in the manual. 
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