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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Djinnenjous
    I have this same issue, using the most recent version of Rockbox & 2.1.5 L2.  For some reason Rockbox seems to prevent my internal memory's files from showing up in the normal song list.  I'd be interested in a solution.  I'm not sure what you mean by updated the database, though, since I only installed very recently.  I still don't have a clue what I'm doing with Rockbox so I tend to leave it alone.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Go into General Settings -> Database -> Update Now
  3. IainG
    I'm using Rockbox, and would like to know how to combine the files from my different storage sources into one database.
    I did update the database just before posting this question, but this brings up another question:  I could not figure out how to update the database using Rockbox. So, I went to Mango (Lurker's) and updated the database there, and then went back to Rockbox, to use the database. This is when I found that the database in Rockbox only showed the files from my microsd, and not the files on the internal memory.
    If you could also tell me how to update the database using Rockbox, that would also be helpful.
  4. cholero
    Rockbox and Mango do not share the database.
    See how to include both memory:
  5. IainG
  6. rdunn84
    Hey Guys, just got my DX90 today, followed the instructions on the first page and now the player is not working!!!! If I try to boot it normally it gets stuck on the DX90 iBasso Audio DAP page, if I try to boot it into Rockbox, I can tell the screen is on but nothing ever shows up. Please help!!! I hope i didn't just brick my player...
  7. rdunn84
    And it also seems to be in some sort of loop, if I turn it off it will turn itself back on... (I have been trying to use the system recovery and any image I use on the sd card says it can't find the image or it is an invalid image)
  8. ArgelErx
    Rockbox can not read progressiv JPEGs. They need to be "normal" JPEGs.
    Lad27 likes this.
  9. Lad27
    Great tip. I have similar problem with my rockbox, will do some checking. Thanks.
  10. Jono338
    There you go, I do have a mix of progressive jpgs there. Owe you a beer! :)
  11. cholero
    Just in case someone owning a DX90 with c programming knowledge appears here: There is an official port to the DX90 in the rockbox repository. The problem is that it is not tested and will maybe not start up because of some simple reasons (wrong path...). The port was made by DX50 owners who have no DX90. The DX50 port is very stable. The difference between DX50 and DX90 are very small (as mentioned by headwhacker). In rockbox repository everything is nicely prepared for the DX90, so please feel free to download, build and make it work :)
  12. Lad27
    I'm a bit confused here. The current version of Rockbox for DX90 is working just fine. What is the difference between current build and the one sitting in repository?
  13. headwhacker
    The current build for DX90 should be stable and just fine. But it's based on an older build than what is on the Rockbox Repository. 
    Cholero just implies that if anyone wants to add or fix anything on the current DX90 build should start working on what is available from the current Rockbox repository. 
    I don't have the time yet to work on the latest build from the repository and I feel the current build for DX90 is all I need so if anyone else with DX90 and has some C programming language know how can contribute and at least compile the latest build from repository and make it work :)
  14. Lad27
    All clear now. Thanks.
  15. napka
    1. Does official rb git contain Headwhacker's latest patches? Or it is just android/arm build configuration as we used before?
    2. Russian community users reported display never goes sleep and only backlight turns off. Can anyone confirm this?
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