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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. headwhacker
    A lot of things changed/added on official RB git compared to the latest build posted here. Looks like most of the performance patches has been added in the official repository plus the code has been re-arranged to make it clean. Further enhancements should be continued from there. 
    As for the backlight/sleep, my build also prevents DX90 from going to sleep and only turns off the backlight. I found that when DX90 goes to sleep it is prone to crackling noise. There is no battery life hit doing this from my test. It shows the backlight consumes more energy than the rest of the system.
  2. napka
    I had to fix one byte (!) in rockbox to enable sound on DX90 :)
    Binaries: http://napych.com/other/rockbox-for-ibasso-dx90/official-rockbox-binary-builds/
    Please note: that's official rockbox port, so it doesn't yet have some nice features and fixes implemented by Headwhacker. But some new features are implemented, for example setting of CPU freq governor, USB mode (Mass storage, charge only, adb), etc. etc.
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  3. napka
    I forgot to mention: with official rockbox, all your themes, fonts, etc. should go to .rockbox folder (please note first character of folder name is a dot).
  4. cholero
    Great to hear.
    What about the dualboot app, this also worked straight out of the box?
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  5. napka
    Yes, it worked great on a first attempt and I love it.
    Guys, as far as I understand, rockbox can only minimize back light of the screen and can't power it off (as Mango does)? Will it be ever fixed?
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  7. Photoman
    Questions about dx90. how is the battery life? and is the sound degraded by having rockbox installed?
    Sound can not be degraded. But buttery life is - because of screen backlight... For about 1 hour compared to Mango firmware.
  9. Photoman
    what's the total amount of battery time
  10. PDVJAM
    ~7 hours
  11. headwhacker
    That is just about the same life I get both on Mango and RB with the stock battery. FYI, the backlight minimizes to 0 (total dark) the system (lcd) just don't go to sleep and does not consume much power when I tested this before. 
    I found that when the system goes to sleep state crackling noise is audible (while music is playing) when the system wake up.
    Did you actually test the battery life between RB and Mango?
  12. PDVJAM
    Yes, I do. In Mango I have 8 hours, in RB - 7.
  13. headwhacker
    You can try the build napka provided and see how long the battery life goes.
  14. napka
    For first, a test should be perforemed by some independent people. Run time of Mango vs Rockbox.
    If rockbox runs less than mango, I'll investigate, but I guess it's not screen related.
    Of course, tests should be performed with fresh builds.
  15. ckdbryce
    Does anyone have a dualboot update for the new 2.1.8 lurker fw? thanks.
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