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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. cholero
    yes, now evertything is complete [​IMG]
    but you also did test your build and mine were not. 
    I would not be unhappy if you would take the job of beeing be the "inofficial" build-updater. Everyone can download the builds from the rockbox page, but to mod the firmware that is not something to set up in 5 minutes. While there is not easy installation method, someone will need to do a firmware build including the dualboot app. Thank you if you are the one [​IMG]
  2. napka

    While I'm playing around with RB, I'll keep injecting boot loader to FW and put it somewhere for everyone.
    I like your build by the way. I think I should include your ModernUI to my patch set I use to make my changes test builds. An idea to use power button as menu button was far from the best solution.
  3. headwhacker
    Please take note the patches I added was to suit my personal taste. What is in rockbox.git is pretty much in line with the standard rockbox build, which will keep advancing. So in the long run it will be beneficial if all users follow it. 
    As napka mentioned, he is trying to incorporate the patches I added and may or may not be accepted in the official build. I never got any issues nor any reason to add anything to the last build I posted as per my usage pattern. But others may have a different usage pattern. Following the official build will make it better in the end.
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  4. cholero
    Someone (i'm not looking at you or napka :wink: ) cold make gerrit patches with your optimizations. Like that you would have the best of both worlds.
  5. napka
    Most of Headwhacker's fixes are already in rockbox git/gerrit. There are 3 issues with rockbox for DX90 I am aware of at the moment:
    1. "Previous" button doesn't work as intended. Sometimes you can't switch to previous track. If you press and hold it in a menu, it does not auto repeat. Headwhacker mostly fixed this (sometimes I have experienced this problem with his builds anyways as far as I remember). This fix was backported to official git by DX50 guys, but it still needs fixing. I believe I've fixed it, but I need to test it a bit more.
    2. Crackling noise. As far as I see it is related to android process scheduler. Headwhacker made many changes to fix this issue, I'm looking through diffs on his code and trying to apply his changes. When I'll be absolutely sure it is fixed, I'll think how to gracefully apply these changes to official sources. It would be a real pain to argue these changes, but at least it will let people build rockbox with extra patches from gerrit, just like last Cholero's build.
    3. Sometimes when backlight turns on, volume goes to zero and then slides up just like when you unpause music. I'm not sure about nature of this issue and it needs some more investigation. It's rare, that makes debug harder. Btw, does DX50 has this issue?
    When we're done with this problems, I'll try to make changes pass gerrit void. But that rockbox dev community… You know. They could demotivate even Steve Jobs, I believe.
    Almost forgot one mini-issue: 4. Make random_folder_advance plugin scan only /mnt.
  6. cholero
    -> yes, do a separate gerrit-patch if you fix this one. It is very probable that it will be merged! 
    -> yes, thats the way to go I think. I think there are many changes necessary that are not in the ibasso folder in the source tree. If they are outside, it will be a hard (if not impossible) undertaking to get it merged. But as you said, everyone will be able to compile it (like the "modern ui" patch).
    by the way, argelerx added more options for the display. I think you can leave the lcd on when backlight is off with the actual builds. I don't know if this is part of the crackling problem?
    DX50 does not have the issue! Maybe you could to a patch together with the button fix if you find the root of this issue :).
  7. cholero
    About the prev-button, there is a bug in the firmware. If you press a button, the event.code appears (button id) and the event.value is 1 for pressed. If you release it, the the event code comes again and the event value is 0. This is the same for all buttons (except hold and power). But the prev button has a bug. If you press it, it immediately sends a next button release event!
    Here you can see first a button press "next" that is handled correctly, then a button press "prev". Every line is maybe 200ms time.
    <<  >>    event.code    event.type   event.value
    up  up   
    up  dn       162                  1               1
    up  dn   
    up  dn   
    up  dn   
    up  up       162                  1               0
    up  up
    up  up
    dn  up       161                  1               1
    dn  up       162                  1               0
    dn  up
    dn  up
    up  up
    up  up
    -> That means that it is not possible to detect when "prev" button is released. But maybe i'm wrong (would be great :) )
    Edit: this is a DX90 bug. On the DX50 all buttons work as expected
  8. headwhacker

    Previous button in DX90 do not behave the same way as in DX50. I created a sort if filter to ignore the button release code. Look at my source for the button functions

    About the crackling noise here is what I did believe to eliminate it.

    1. Disable or never let DX90 go to sleep. Instead just turn off the backlight (backlight =0).

    2. set the thread priority of the playback and buffering thread to the highest level.

    3. Increase the process priority of the main rockbox process to a negative number. If you have a more elegant solution then go for it but I add a call in the main() function to do this.

    4. Memory size use by rockbox also comes at play set it to 32 or 16 MB only.

    You can check my git logs to find where these changes are inserted.
  9. napka

    Already did some.

    Thanks! I'll look into it.
  10. napka
    @cholero and @headwhacker, thank you! That's pretty close to my understanding, but now it's much more clear.
  11. headwhacker
    You can set the default folder from the plugin source code. But this is already configurable. Just check the rockbox maual
  12. Pete7
    I've got the Lurker 2.1.5 FW with the dual boot and I can't get Rockbox to play music. I've tried 3 different versions of Rockbox with no success. Every time I go into the Database after initializing and rebooting, I click on a song, I get a brief flash of the RB USB connected symbol, and it goes back to the main menu. Exact same thing with every version of RB I've tried. Not sure what else I could do to get it to work. Suggestions would be welcome. The Mango firmware works without a hitch BTW.
  13. cholero
    Delete or rename the config.cfg in the rockbox folder
  14. Pete7
    The only result of deleting or changing the name of the configuration file is I can play one song and then the same thing: USB connected symbol to menu. Also, as soon as I reboot the deleted or name-changed config file is back, just as if I had never deleted or changed the name of it.
  15. Pete7
    I'm starting to wonder if it's some kind of compatibility issue with the 2.15 L2 firmware with Rockbox? I say this because after I reverted back to Mango the music library was "frozen" and nothing would play. Next to the album display where it displays bit rate and KHZ, it remained at 0.00 bit rate and 0 KHZ for each song title that was brought on screen and wouldn't play. It was remedied once I rescanned the library, but incredibly odd considering that never happened in the 5 months I've owned a DX90. I may try the new FW plus Rockbox just to see if that works properly.
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