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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. iBeyerX90-COP
    Thanks, I will modify my theme without time/date then.
    For the "How to" section : It's not necessary to be on mango for usb files transfert. Works fine while on rockbox.
    (by the way, that was buggy too with the "broken" firmware/rockbox 0.6 : froze on unplug)
  2. headwhacker
    Exactly the reason I specifically mentioned Mango for file transfer. [​IMG]
    Both debug and mass storage mode active for USB. Not sure if that is the reason. Now that you mention it. I think it's time to disable debug mode from the iBasso firmware since I can just create one for myself.
  3. Wishmasterx
    Excellent work in 0.60. Lrcplayer working, I tested now only .lrc format.
    First little bugs I found:
    - The new method is to drop themes in apps/app_rockbox/rockbox. But in Rockbox I not see this themes, I see only themes in default rockbox directory.
    - In Sudoku is bad touchsreen. Over touchscreen I can go only Top and left. Right, down and change number not function over touchscreen.
    - In image viewer any images write Not enough plugin memory! More images write this when is playing music. In rockbox simulator all these images are OK. Can You set more plugin memory?
  4. headwhacker
    - If you already have themes in the default rockbox folder, you should still drop new ones in there. You can't have both folders contain themes. To be exact, the rockbox folder will take over if you put themes there and the themes in the apps/app_rockbox/rockbox will be ignored.
    I don't put themes in rockbox folder because it's already cluttered with other data. It's just a preference.
    - In Sudoku, touchscreen is not used. You have to use the playback and volume keys to move around.
    - Sure wiill check the plugin memory
  5. Wishmasterx
    For Sudoku will be better 3x3 touchscreen (up and left function now), but it is only idea if it is possible.
    In 0.6.0 not function fft demo. In 0.4.9 was OK.
  6. headwhacker
    Yeah, fft is broken for some reason.
  7. Wishmasterx
    When I make shortcut to any plugin, I every receive Can´t open /.rockbox/rocks/apps/lrcplayer.rock . Shortcuts to .cfg files function. In rockbox simulator I can use shortcuts to plugins.
  8. headwhacker
    are your plugin shortcuts created from the previous version? I don't have a problem creating shortcuts on any plugins. The correct path is shown in the shortcuts menu for each plugin.
  9. Wishmasterx
    Thank, this function:
    type: file
    data: /mnt/sdcard/apps/app_rockbox/rockbox/rocks/apps/lrcplayer.rock
    Not function:
    data: /.rockbox/rocks/apps/lrcplayer.rock
    But for theme this function:
    data: /.rockbox/themes/Redbox.cfg
    (real path to this theme is: /mnt/sdcard/apps/app_rockbox/rockbox/themes/Redbox.cfg)
  10. headwhacker
    Themes I think are internally mapped to /.rockbox because it's the default rockbox folder. Plugins on the other hand is like an independent app outside of rockbox. It's like running a command in Unix, you have to specify the correct path where the file you execute exist.
    If you like you can create a symlink to /.rockbox folder for each plugins. I think that should work.
  11. alexey260
    If I create a bookmarks from one album, they do not play. If I create a bookmarks from the different albums, they do not play. I tried different settings, but does not work. I do not know what's wrong with me? :)
  12. headwhacker
    I still don't understand how you are creating bookmarks. Are you creating the bookmark files by hand or from the context menu in the WPS screen?
  13. alexey260
    Hold the "Play" - context menu - Bookmarks - create Bookmarks
    So do a few bookmarks from different tracks. Then hold "Play" - context menu - list Bookmarks - select a bookmark, But it does not play.
    Also, if the main menu Rockbox - Recent Bookmarks - Select Bookmarks - not played
    I used Rockbox in Sandisk Sansa Clip. Bookmarks work fine
  14. headwhacker
    Are you playing the tracks using the database then create the bookmarks? Bookmarks do not work when you play tracks from the database.
    You must browse using the file browser, play a file then create a bookmark. That should work.
  15. alexey260
    [​IMG]Thank you very much! You are very patient. It works!
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