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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. pataouetes
    Hi.I meet some issues with the french language in some themes (cabbiebasso for exemple). Each letter with accent (à â é è ê) disappears completely. This issue did not exist on your last FW). Thanks
  2. headwhacker

    Only some themes but not all is that correct?
  3. pataouetes
    Correct but it was all ok with the precedent FW.
  4. headwhacker

    That could only mean a font is missing or those themes have harcoded path to the old folder
  5. Lad27
    Urgent help needed !!!
    Just rockboxed DX90, booting to Rockbox OK, applied theme, all looks good, but I just cannot figure out how to display my folder view [​IMG]
    I was using rockbox on iRiver for 15 years and what I would like to see is after boot-up to display my folders i.e. Prog Rock, Jazz Instrumentals, Classical etc. Each of these folders contain subfolders sorted by Artist Names (alphabetical order) and then Albums.
    Never ever used Playlist or any other fancy database setup, just plain folder navigation.
    I tried a lots of different things, but I must be having a brainfart not to be able to set it up. Please help.
  6. headwhacker
    In the main screen go to file. That is your file view. The folder list you see depends on how you transfer music/folders to your SDCard. 
  7. Lad27
    On Main Screen I see Files, Database, Resume Playback.....
    When I open Files I see SDcard, Storage, Sys, etc
    In SDcard I see Apps, Playlist, Rockbox and nothing else [​IMG]
    I've got proper folder view in Mango in My Music. 
  8. headwhacker
    it's in Files, mnt, external_sd.
  9. Lad27
    Thank you good Sir [​IMG]
    Obvious question follows: Is there any way to make this the default position after boot?
  10. headwhacker
    press and hold the external_sd folder.
    The context menu will appear. 
    Select "Start File Browser here"
  11. cholero
    I'm also a longtime rockbox on iriver user (IHP-120) and this 15 years made me curious to find out when it really started. I had rockbox on it since spring 2005 and it was buggy at that time. I did not find the "ladies an gentlemen we have sound" mail for it. IHP-100 was released in 2004 and according to wikipedia the port to it was started in late 2004. So 10 years are probably the maximum for Iriver players.
    Sorry I did not want to be a nitpicker, you just made me curious.
    ¡Viva Rockbox!
  12. iBeyerX90-COP
    Project in 2001. First release in 2002 (Archos). So definitively not 15 terrestrial years. XD
  13. Lad27
    I'll take 15 back, got too carried away. It could be ten years thou, got my DAP as soon as they hit the market and I remember going thru fair bit of rockbox daily builds. It was buggy at first, but still far better than iRiver FW. That was rather primitive compared to Rockbox.
    Were you guys on misticriver forums?
  14. Lad27
    Thank you. Happy rockbox camper now. [​IMG]
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Another former IHP-120 Rockboxer here :smile:
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