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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. napka
    As a mac user, i'm glad folder is not default .rockbox, i don't have to type 'open /Volumes/DX90/.rockbox' to open it now, but wouldn't it cause lot of problems with documentation, wiki, hardcoded paths, etc?
  2. headwhacker
    the rockbox folder stil exist and all data still stored there and works the same as before. The files in apps are what use to be in the firmware which are not accessible before. You don't need to touch it just like before.
    Any interaction should still be done in the rockbox folder.
    I must have miss the latest link. Anyway, same as before you can drop it into the rockbox folder. :)
    The only change will be the update process. Instead of flashing the full firmware you only need to overwrite the apps folder with the latest version. Hence, the reason I put it in separate folder.
    The benefits of this change as I see it are the following
    1. Updates can be applied quickly. You don't need to flash the firmware every time a rockbox update is available.
    2. You don't lose data on both Mango and Rockbox every time you apply the latest update.
    3. The rockbox zip folder is considerably smaller which is much quicker to download.
    If you have any other ideas, you are pretty much welcome to share [​IMG] 
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  3. headwhacker
    @Cholero and I have been discussing about the folder location. I am a Mac user and for Unix/Linux as well. So I know how painful it is looking for hidden files or folders in finder.
    I don't think it's going to cause any issues with the paths or documentation. Like I said the stuff that you save personally like database and settings still goes to the rockbox folder.
  4. musictoear
    I Have a question and the question is:  Where is the ibasso site download for the firmware?  The lastest in their website is back in July.  Confused. 
  5. headwhacker
    Are you referring to the stock iBasso firmware or the patched one? Ibasso's firmware has not been updated since July.
  6. musictoear
    thank you for your answer.  It was a patch and i did not get that.  Thank you, now i understand.  It is to make it easier down the road to upgrade rockbox.
  7. headwhacker
    no problem. iBasso's main site seems to have issues lately and I thought you are asking about the official FW.
  8. cholero
    Congrats for the new file structure, having the app on the sdcard. This is the way that makes sense and the way I want to change the build mechanism on the official rockbox page. So everyone can just download the newest zip and extract it to the internal drive (once he has the firmware patched). This is the future.
  9. kamson
    @headwhacker I have a problem with the new version - it won't turn on (hangs on DX90 white logo screen) when hold button is off. Works ok, while the switch is on.
  10. headwhacker

    Does it hang when you previously booted rockbox after selecting it from the boot menu? Does it boot fine after you boot Mango?

    I may have uploaded an earlier build of the patched FW.

    Could you download The patched FW again and just flash the update.img file. Try the one from google drive
  11. kamson
    After reflashing img from google drive everyrithing works as it should. Thank you very much headwhacker!
  12. headwhacker
    Great, the link to Mega should work as well they are the same file.
  13. headwhacker
    I just look at this now It works for me. How do you play bookmarks? I can press and hold the play button while at WPS screen and select Bookmarks from menu then list bookmark.
  14. iBeyerX90-COP
    I don't see any time/date setting : this is a dx90 limitation ? Just wondering, but I don't really care :wink:
  15. headwhacker
    That's right, both DX90 and DX50 don't have a real-time clock. So it cannot display time.
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