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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor

    Hasn't mistic river been gone for a long time? I used to enjoy going there and there was much to learn but then the site went away, that was a few years ago. 
  2. headwhacker
    New build available for download
    Google Drive
    Change log
    05/10/2014 - fft plugin is working again.
                       - plugin memory size has been increased 2x the default size.
                       - minor adjustment to pcm buffering
                       - All plugins has been compiled and running. Some plugins (e.g. pacbox) requires additional files that needs to placed in the /sdcard/rockbox folder. For more details about plugins refer to the rockbox manual (http://download.rockbox.org/daily/manual/rockbox-ipodvideo.pdf)
  3. deho

    Thanks again for all the hard work. I noticed that you haven't included my latest theme collection, so I've uploaded a version with the latest themes included:
    Rockbox_DX90_1_2_0.zip (includes latest theme collection)
  4. iBeyerX90-COP
    Anyway, I think it is better to have your theme pack not include directly in the rockbox release package. Because some people (like me) use personal customized themes which are different than the versions present in your pack.
    But just my personal taste, not a big deal ^_^'
  5. headwhacker
    That's fine, the themes you drop in the rockbox folder will take over and ignore the ones bundled in the build.
  6. headwhacker
    Thanks, will merge it in my build
    Edit: could you give me the link to your latest themes so I can update the first post
  7. deho
    It basically is version 1.1 from the first post. The only difference is the slightly modified AAFreak theme.
    The version you included was 1.0.
  8. headwhacker
    ic, I must have included the AAFreak wps only and not the whole theme. I actually use the cabbie2 theme with the AAFreak wps and Terminus font.
  9. deho
    There is only a wps for AAFreak. I simply meant that there are no changes to my theme collection (v.1.1) apart from the AAFreak wps that I modified for you. So there is no need to update the first post. :)
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Can I ask why the Lurker firmware .img file you  provide in your first post differs in size from Lurkers own upload? Your Lurker 2.1 .img file is 228mb while Lurker's own upload is 163mb, both extracted as .img files. Have you further modified Lurkers firmware in some way?
  11. headwhacker

    It is patched with the launcher. I also increased the storage allocation of the system.img(inside the update.img). That is to accomodate the rockbox files when it's still included in the img file. Now that it's no longer included and the launcher is just very small, the img file is still bigger because it still has bigger empty space allocated in the img file.

    Do not pay attention to the size of the update.img file. It doesn't tell you exactly if there was anything changed or if files added or removed. The simple act of extracting and re-packaging the update.img file will change the image size a bit without changing anything.
  12. Stealer
    What fonts shld i choose if i want to display both english and chinese texts.
  13. Stealer

    Finally, after trying out most of the font with size 18..only 18-fixed displays the Chinese text .. but not sure about Japanese text..
    but one thing for sure.. the WPS screen still shows the weird characters for the Chinese text..
  14. Lad27
    I've read somewhere a while ago that there is VU meter plugin or app available for rockbox. Does anybody know more about it?
  15. headwhacker

    It's under Plugins -> Demo
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