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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. hyper8
    When you browse files, you have to go through Files -> mnt -> external SD if I remember correctly
  2. kamackeris
    please help me !! i have just got my dx90 today and have just installed the latest version of rockbox at the start of this thread. i followed the instructions and installed the firmware then went into mango and did the factory reset. since then my pc will not recognise my dx90. i have it plugged into the pc and nothing it is not showing up !! the first time i plugged it in since the update it tried load the driver and failed....now i can't do anything with the player ...HELP !!!
  3. kimallus
    Did you check, if "Settings -> USB-Settings" is set to "Storage" mode? It might be, that after installing the img file this is automatically set to "Charge Only"
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Easiest thing to do is to boot into Mango, go into USB Settings, and make sure you've selected Storage. Then plug in to PC and try again. I suspect Charge Only is selected.
  5. kamackeris
    Oh dear I feel like such a noob.... I spotted that after I had panic posted lol. Right I am going to have another go with Rockbox after installing the ibasso firmware again!
  6. deho
    I made a compilation of the best (imo) rockbox themes and modified them, so they work properly on the DX50/90 and look nice as well. I also optimized some of them for "absolute point" touchscreen mode. I included over 30 themes.
    Here you go: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hr8dwu
    Please make sure to read the readme file inside the zip archive. Enjoy!
  7. headwhacker
    Nice one, I'll put a link on the first page so others can see and get it it easily.
  8. deho
    That's a good idea. :)
  9. headwhacker
    New build now available for download
    Change log
    16/08/2014 - Fixed issue with audible noise when backlight is off.
                       - Fixed issue where rockbox settings revert to default.
    Kaffeemann, all999 and maciux like this.
  10. Wyd4

    Nice work :)
    It is getting better and better each release :)
  11. Kaffeemann
    Unfortunately the settings still reverts to default on my device.
    I also noticed that it can take several minutes for rockbox to apply EQ settings.
  12. all999

    Beautiful, all we need now is working battery level indicator:)
  13. headwhacker
    What do you mean? My battery indicator goes from 100 to 0. At 0%, it still runs a couple of minutes before it totally shuts down. It reaches somewhere between 6.5 to 7 hours of battery life on full charge with the stock battery.
  14. headwhacker
    Does your settings revert every time you reboot? I only increase the delay launching rockbox to make sure the /mnt/sdcard partition is completely accessible where the personalized settings are being read. 
    I haven't play with the full EQ yet and I seldom use it. What about the simple bass and treble settings? Does it take similarly long for changes to take effect like the full EQ?
  15. nmatheis Contributor

    The battery indicator on my DX90 decreases with use on Mango. Haven't tested with the current build, but with older builds of Rockbox it just hangs out between 90-100% and never goes below that no matter how long I've used it. However, if I boot back into Mango the battery indicator shows depletion correctly.
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